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Junior Developer

Garland, Texas, US or remote

a lot of projects for different website companies I have worked on many challenges like creating todo list resturant page, library book holder and...

react jquery vanilla js json

Fullstack Software Engineer

Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil or remote

GreenFutureProject - Fullstack Software Engineer (Milan, Italy: May.2023 ‑ Current) • Worked on the global engineering team on the Green Future...

react node typescript angular

Front-End Developer

Gornji Milanovac, US or remote

--Projects: - Created dynamic e-commerce websites using React and Next.js, integrating with RESTful APIs for seamless product management and...

react node typescript jquery

Software Developer

Boykins, Virginia, US or remote

**Projects:** 1. **HyperionD8.com** - **Technologies:** Python/Django, PostgreSQL, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Gunicorn/Nginx - **Description:**...

react node typescript angular

Intern at WinterPark Engineering

Sterling Heights, Michigan, US or remote

https://gio437.github.io/portfolio/ would have all my listed personal...

react angular vue jquery

Software Engineer - Backend/Frontend

San Francisco, California, US or remote

I'm a first-generation college graduate ready to tackle any challenge because of my passion to leave my mark on this world using advancing technology...

react node typescript vue

Angular Developer

Vienna, Austria or remote

I have worked in a Project where it was build and we build more featrues. It was an Analytics for Printing Firm. There were data from Printers , also...

node angular d3

Software Engineer

Brooklyn, New York, US or remote

I have experience in software development, focusing on both backend and frontend technologies. I am proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, and...

react node typescript angular

Senior Developer & Digital Specialist

Arvada, Colorado, US or remote

Collaborated with marketing team to integrate tracking tools like Google Tag Manager and Analytics, enhancing the performance of digital campaigns...

react node typescript vue

Frontend Developer

Elkef, Elkef, Tunisia or remote

My name is Mohamed Amir Ben Dhief , I am a computer science engineering Graduate , during my studies I gained passion for Web Development in...


Full-Stack Engineer

Port Clinton, Ohio, US or remote

PROJECTS SpotMe, Payment Service May 2024 – present • Engineered reusable React components to adhere to modern software design principles...

react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stack Developer

El Dorado Hills, California, US or remote


react node typescript vue

Seasoned software developer

Zagreb, Croatia or remote

- created dozen applications from scretch for small and large...

react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stack || Front End || Software Engineer

Moreno Valley, California, US or remote

Relative Professional Experience: Alpha Nodus | Software Engineer (02/2024– Present) • Led the development of comprehensive component tests...

react node typescript jquery

Software Engineer

Compton, California, US or remote

Summoner Central | JavaScript, React, React-Bootstrap, Node.js, MongoDB, Express, Riot Games API, Shieldbow ● Developed a full-stack web...

react node mongodb json

Frontend Developer

Boston, Massachusetts, US or remote

Cogito - AI Brainstorming Assistant using OpenAI API, Next.js 14, Tailwind CSS, Firebase, and Google Cloud Platform - Developed "Cogito," an AI...

react node typescript jquery

Front End Developer | Full Stack | Software Engineer

Cincinnati, Ohio, US or remote

Coupa, San Mateo A leading AI-powered cloud platform, streamline business spend across procurement, supply chain, and finance. Application...

react node typescript angular

Front End Engineer

Frisco, Texas, US or remote

Skilled Front End Engineer with over 5 years of experience developing dynamic, user-centric applications. Expert in JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js,...

react node typescript vanilla js

Frontend Developer

Liverpool, United Kingdom or remote

👋 Hi there! I'm a passionate front-end developer with a knack for turning complex problems into elegant solutions. My journey in the world of web...

react node typescript vue

Junior Web Designer

Cleveland, Ohio, US or remote

New developer building experience by learning an building projects. See my GitHub for...

node angular vanilla js json

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