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Software Engineer

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania or remote

Software engineer with 7 years of experience with Angular, .NET and C#. Focusing on making CRM and digital transformation a smooth...

Eastern Europe typescript angular vanilla js

Software Engineer

Vologda, Russian Federation or remote

- Wattsense: took an active part in the making of the user dashboard for IoT platform (Frontend) - Sendtoreader: an RSS and text delivery web app...

Eastern Europe react typescript vue nextjs

Web Developer & Project Manager

Karpoš Municipality, Skopski, Macedonia or remote

New Media Designer, and Project Manager in various advertising projects. Particularly interested in creating a whole new world of ideas and realizing...

Eastern Europe vanilla js json

Fullstack JS Developer

Slovensky Grob, Slovakia or remote

A Front-End Developer with over ten years of experience and a Master's in Applied Informatics, I possess a comprehensive skill set in web development...

Eastern Europe react node typescript vue

Senior Frontend Engineer

Katowice, Poland (currently), Poland or remote

Dedicated Frontend Engineer with 8 years of experience, committed to designing and building user-centric applications tailored to diverse business...

Eastern Europe react node typescript vanilla js

Senior Software Engineer

Split, Croatia or remote

Senior Software Engineer, Aug 2023 – Present, Yodl Pay • Led the creation of a novel payment system, enabling streamlined crypto transactions...

Eastern Europe react node typescript vue

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Cluj-Napoca, Romania or remote

I am a Senior React & Node.js developer with 5+ years of experience working as a contractor and freelancer. I have a demonstrated history in the...

Eastern Europe react node typescript nextjs

Senior Full Stack Developer

Krakow, Mapoloskie, Poland or remote

Experienced Senior Full Stack Developer with expertise in Java, Python, JavaScript, and PHP. Skilled in front-end development using Angular, React,...

Eastern Europe react node typescript angular

Full Stack Developer

Timisoara, Timiș, Romania

I am Full Stack Developer with 5 years of experience, I have a strong background in both frontend and backend development, using JavaScript,...

Eastern Europe react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stack developer

Tallinn, Estonia or remote

Hi there, My name is Pooja. I have about 8 years of experience working with Reactjs and MVP building. In my current project, I worked extensively...

Eastern Europe react node typescript vue

Senior Fullstack Developer

Chisinau, Moldova or remote

JavaScript fullstack developer, leaning towards frontend. With 3+ years of experience, I am interested in startup to medium sized environments...

Eastern Europe react node typescript vanilla js

Web developer

Bucharest, Romania or remote

I am a highly skilled Software Engineer with extensive expertise in Front-end development, specializing in the React.js ecosystem. Over the years,...

Eastern Europe react node typescript nextjs

Senior Vue Developer

Warszawa, Poland or remote

Currently working as Senior Frontend Vue 3/2 Developer with technologies: Vue 2 and 3 Nuxt 2 and 3 Pinia Vuetify Vitest...

Eastern Europe typescript angular vue jquery

Full stack developer

Kosice, Slovakia or remote

- Write about projects you've created, - companies you've worked for, - and challenges you've solved. - Use plain text, emojis, and line returns....

Eastern Europe react node typescript vanilla js

Front-end web developer

Travnik, Federacija BiH, Bosnia and Herzegovina or remote

I worked for 7 months for a company based in Estonia firstly as a Front-end junior developer but as time passed I showed that I can get more...

Eastern Europe react node typescript vue

Full stack developer

Tomislavgrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina or remote

I am a highly skilled and experienced full stack developer with over 12 years of professional experience in the field. Throughout my career, I have...

Eastern Europe react typescript vue jquery

Engineer III

Gomel, Belarus or remote

Recent projects: 1) InTouch Web Application (IWA). IWA is a web-based app that is structured to emulate a physical clinic, so each organization...

Eastern Europe react node typescript vanilla js

Frontend Engineer

Cluj-Napoca, Romania or remote

🚀 Projects I've Contributed To SAAS UI for Alluvio Platform: Developed a responsive and intuitive user interface for Alluvio's SAAS platform,...

Eastern Europe react typescript vanilla js nextjs

Senior Frontend Developer

Brasov, Romania or remote

Ex Palantir Forward Deployed Software Engineer Ex Google / Microsoft / Adobe intern Fintech and crypto...

Eastern Europe react typescript

Software Engineer

Skopje, Macedonia or remote

I've first started as a backend developer mostly writing PHP apps. Then transitioned to Laravel and Vue.js as a full stack dev working for several...

Eastern Europe react typescript nextjs

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