17 Best Italian Developers For Hire In April 2024

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Senior Software Engineer

New York, New York, US or remote

I'm a senior software engineer in New York with experience in frontend and full-stack development using technologies such as react, node, typescript,...

Italian react node typescript vanilla js

Apple & GoPro Software Engineer

San Francisco, California, US or remote

My studies and strong interest in Information and Communications Technology, Computer Science, Social Networking and the web have become my career. I...

Italian react node typescript vue

Front-End Web Engineer / Web3 & Blockchain

Ordona, Italy or remote

Unique skillset! Experienced in web/mobile dev, blockchain, and global team collaboration. Ready to bring creative problem-solving and a...

Italian react typescript json

Software Developer (React, JS, TS, Node)

SAN DIEGO, California, US or remote

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Freelancer at Soft Solutions πŸ“¦ Created an inventory tracking app with real-time POS integration. πŸ› οΈ Tech Stack: React Native,...

Italian react node typescript vanilla js

Senior Full Stack Developer (10+ Years Experience)

Karlsruhe, Germany or remote

I enjoy working the most on highly interactive experiences. But I also like the creation of APIs and the development of Server-Side code. Over my...

Italian react node typescript angular

Full Stack Developer

Toronto, ON, Canada or remote

Experienced full-stack developer with over 8 years designing, developing, and implementing web applications. I specialize in translating business and...

Italian react node typescript vue

Senior Fullstack Developer

Chisinau, Moldova or remote

JavaScript fullstack developer, leaning towards frontend. With 3+ years of experience, I am interested in startup to medium sized environments...

Italian react node typescript vanilla js

Front-end engineer

Padova, PD, Italy or remote

I worked as front-end and back-end engineer for small-medium companies. For some of them I collaborated to the codebase by adding new features and...

Italian react node typescript nextjs

Full Stack Engineer

Manchester, United Kingdom or remote

Solopreneur | 2023-2024 β€’ Built gumtrends.com, idea to paying customers in 6 days. Laravel + AlpineJS β€’ Worked on AI video generation tool,...

Italian vue vanilla js alpinejs

Front-End Web Developer

Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina Republic or remote

I Develop and maintain multiple PWA's using: Angular, Svelte, Sveltekit, Typescript, Jquery, Vanilla JS, Ionic 5, Capacitor,...

Italian typescript angular jquery vanilla js

Front End Developer

Caracas, Miranda, Venezuela or remote

Front End Software Engineer with Back End capabilities with 5+ years of experience. Project Manager and Lead Developer on multiple projects....

Italian react node typescript angular

Frontend Developer

Ferrara, Ferrara, Italy or remote

As a passionate web developer, I have a proven track record of delivering exceptional projects tailored to our clients' needs. My expertise lies in...

Italian typescript vue vanilla js json

Software Engineer

Turin, Italy

Polito Rocket Team, Turin β€” Software Engineer | OCTOBER 2022 - JULY 2023 Development of the telemetry software for the award-winning "Project...

Italian react node typescript angular

Frontend developer

Tetovo, Macedonia or remote

-employees management -events management -trucks tracking Challenges:dealing with deadlines, bugs,...

Italian react node typescript angular

Full Stack Developer

Catania, Catania, Italy or remote

I created web apps based on angular, nodejs and python, using materialUI and figma. I created APIs for my software to allow others to access data...

Italian node typescript angular jquery

Full Stack Developer

Rabat, Rabat, Morocco or remote

🏒 ReWeb Agency - Internship - Role: Full Stack Web Developer - Achievement: Successfully migrated an Excel application to a web platform using...

Italian react node typescript jquery

Junior full stack web developer

Rome, Rome, Italy or remote

I am a junior developer with no developer experience yet. Currently a computer science student in college. I worked in 2020 for a year as a computer...

Italian react node typescript vanilla js

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