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Lead Back-end Software Developer

Los Angeles, California, US or remote

Technical leadership (20+ years' experience) with extensive project management experience in agency+startup+mid-caps. I've been Senior Engineer,...

RabbitMQ react node typescript jquery

Staff Software Engineer

San Diego, California, US or remote

- Developed serverless integration API using TypeScript, ExpressJS, and AWS in order to improve efficiency and onboarding for external vendors to...

RabbitMQ node typescript vue vanilla js

Senior Software Engineer

Vancouver, BC, Canada or remote

Worked on many projects on cross-functional teams in Cyber Security, Housing, Medical, Virtual Reality. I am experienced with integrating AI into...

RabbitMQ node typescript angular express

Deloitte, Ex Ford - Senior Software Developer

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India or remote

Engineer 1 April 2022 - Present Deloitte Senior Software Developer for Digital Tester Application in the Product Engineering Division Successfully...

RabbitMQ react node typescript angular

Software Engineer

Westminster, California, US or remote

1. Ploop: - Designed and developed a full stack app that allows users to create drawings and then watch as their creations transform into a...

RabbitMQ react node typescript vanilla js

Senior Full Stack Developer

Tbilisi, Tbilisi, Georgia or remote

Senior Full Stack Developer S-Pro Kiev, Ukraine Jun 2021 – Present • Spearheaded the development of https://www.sygnum.com/, enhancing...

RabbitMQ react node typescript angular

Software Developer

Ankara, Turkey or remote

- Created a web crawler that scrapes sites and save data to time domain database(InfluxDB). - Created a fullstack meditation app by using React...

RabbitMQ react node typescript nextjs

Software Engineer

Dumont, New Jersey, US or remote

Haven Technologies Full Stack Developer Jun 2019 – Aug 2023 New York, NY •Collaborated across several development teams to develop ongoing...

RabbitMQ node typescript angular mongodb

software engineer

Union City, New Jersey, US or remote

🏢 Homelister (10/2022 - 2/2023): 🚀 Led data migration and cron system implementation for diverse environments. ⚙️ Worked on...

RabbitMQ react node typescript nextjs

Software Engineering

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India or remote

- Built a website monitoring web application where the user can subscribe to certain websites to have the timely health checks for the subscribed...

RabbitMQ react node typescript mongodb

Software Engineer

Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Fullstack Developer at EatMyRide, Utrecht March 2022 — Present At EatMyRide, I contributed to the development and enhancement of a mobile app...

RabbitMQ react node typescript express

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