About JS Chimp

Like a job board, but no risk. Like a recruiter, but 60% less cost.

Our Mission

Save developers and companies time and money by connecting around the focus of Javascript.

How we do this

For Companies

  • No upfront cost
  • Search by skillset
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Pay only if you hire

For Javascript Developers

  • Zero fees for job & project leads.
  • Relevant leads based on skillset.

Our History

We launched in September 2022 after taking inspiration from niche job boards like Rails Devs and Japan Dev.

With experience as both a developer and on the hiring side within companies, our goal is to provide a faster way to find your next role or hire the next Javascript dev for your team.

Solving Company Pain Points

  • Problem Recruiters can be great. They spend time and money reaching out to people and take that upfront risk cost even if you don't hire anyone. However, if you do hire someone, recruiters charge up to 30% (or more) of a new hire's salary. Considering the average developer employment duration is a role is 2.5 years, your company could be shelling out $30K+ every few years just to place a new hire.

    Solution We reduce the cost of hiring. See our pricing.
  • Problem While recruiters help, they often send candidates that don't fit. My personal experience is about 60% of devs they send over don't match the role. This can waste time setting up irrelevant interviews, drag out the hiring process, and distract from getting other work done.

    Solution You take control of the process, filter by experience and tech stack, and message who you think would be a good fit.
  • Problem Regular job boards provide a great, inexpensive way to advertise your position. However after factoring in multiple postings, possibly paying for messages or job leads, and sometimes even subscriptions it you're left with unkown final cost with no guarantee of a viable hire.

    Solution We give you risk-free access to devs and you pay 10% when you hire.

Solving Developer Pain Points

  • Problem As a developer, you get countless emails and phone calls from recruiters with positions that don't match your skillset.

    Solution Because we center the site around Javascript, you will only get leads working in this stack and relevant frameworks.
  • Problem Recruiters take a large chunk of your salary which makes it dificult to negotiate for higher pay.

    Solution We charge the company much less than a recruiter so you have more flexibility to work out your desired rate.
  • Problem Upwork and Fiverr provide access to work, however their system...
    1) forces a "race to the bottom" in terms of pay rate and
    2) they take a chunk out of your pay after that.

    Solution We follow a more traditional route of charging the company for hiring, rather than taking it out of your rate.
  • Problem Contract services might give you steady work, however ...
    1) you have to go through a vetting process and
    2) you have no direct access to the company to negotiate your rate (example: they may charge the client $100 per hour, but you may only recieve $50 of that).

    Solution We have no restrictions on who creates a developer profile and we provide one-to-one contact with the company once they reach out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 10% placement fee work for hiring a developer?
Our placement fee is based on 10% of any work (full-time, part-time, contract, or projects) that takes place during the first 12 months of the developer/client relationship.

For more details, take a look at our pricing page.
What if I hire more than one developer?
The 10% placement fee applies to each developer you hire.
How much should I pay/charge the developer/company I want to work with?
We leave your agreed upon rates/salary up to the developer/company relationship and your personal negotiation. We recommend you carefully discuss amount and payment methods before proceeding with any work.
Do you vet any developers/companies that participate?
We do not vet developers or companies. We want to provide a free market of developers/companies and allow each person to set their own requirements for working together.
What if I'm a developer, but not looking for work right now?
You may create a developer profile and select "not looking" under availability.

Creating a profile even if you're not currently looking, offers you exposure to future opportunities you may be interested in.
May I use your service to get leads for my agency?
Yes, simply create a "developer" account and profile.

If any total client work meets or exceeds $2,000 USD, let us know as the client is required to pay a 10% placement fee for the total project work (see our pricing page).
What do I do if I searched your site, but no devs match what I'm looking for?
Contact us and we'll help you source candidates to fill your position.
Why the name "JS Chimp"?
• "Chimp" is short for "code monkey".
• Also, we're the monkey that helps you find your next gig or next dev for your team.
What if I have more questions?
Simply contact us.