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Remote Senior Frontend Engineer - Portland, Oregon

Remote Senior Frontend Engineer Portland, Oregon
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react node typescript angular vue
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  • Name: private info
  • Focus: Frontend
  • Career: Senior
  • Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
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  • Speaks: English, German
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Amazon Web Services / Collabera

September 2023 - Present

Senior Frontend Engineer

Develop key features for AWS Quicksight accessibility certification effort, including live screen reader status system for reactive searches and roaming highlights, and focus management for global tab navigation and panel rendering, using React Hooks, TypeScript, and ES6.

Create new components for AWS Vega library, and implement accessibility updates including programmatic determination of aria-label and other accessibility attributes, and visual updates for color contrast, hover, and focus states using Storybook and Material UI Theming.

Investigate, document, and ticket complex accessibility issues across AWS Quicksight involving the use of data filters and themes across different types of sheets, charts, and tables.

Ensure ongoing accessibility, code quality, and data integrity with type, unit, and integration testing, bug fixes, user stories, and code reviews with other team members using React Testing Library, Jest, Sinon, and Enzyme.

Collaborate with cross team designers and engineers to ensure accessibility updates are synchronized with new features and designs using Figma, Slack, Chime, and AWS cloud developer environments.


React, TypeScript, ES6, React Testing Library, Jest, Sinon, Enzyme, Storybook, Material UI, Figma, Slack, Chime, Hooks, AWS, Mocha, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, GIT

Adair Futures

June 2015 – Present

Adair Futures is a business consulting firm founded by Adair to provide high quality UI development, expert technical guidance, and futures forecasts to various clients including Intuit, SDG&E, and T-Mobile; and to function as the umbrella for independent projects by Adair.

Lead Developer

Develop and launch the Keto Mate suite of apps full stack utilizing Angular, Ionic, and NodeJS, and grow its user base – currently over 20k users with a 4* rating on Google Play.

Provide full scope accessibility services for client applications from initial analysis to solution planning and execution to achieve compliance with WCAG 2.1 AA standards using axe, NVDA, and pa11y ci for automated accessibility compliance scans.

Created data tables, views, and other components to provide SDG&E Builder Services Portal users with the ability to live view and download CSVs for service meters and permit data using React with Hooks and Context, and ES6 JS patterns.

Developed data fetching, management, and pagination for live project tracker for Intuit project managers to search, filter, edit, and view detailed information for all Intuit projects in React data table, as well as development of data management and pagination components.

Consult on frontend technologies for web apps, guiding on design direction, adherence to UX and accessibility standards, and establishing unit testing.

Provide futures forecasts on trends in technology, industry, and science.


React, Angular, Ionic, axe, NVDA, pa11y, Ionic, Mocha, Chai, Jest, Figma, AWS, Azure, CSS3, SASS, Redux, Axure, ES6, TypeScript, GIT, MySQL, Qualitative Futures Squares, LaTeX

Security Journey

November 2022 - July 2023

Senior Frontend Engineer

Created key features for Security Journey education platform including a React micro-frontend portal to host paired HackEDU app, using postMessage to safely send user and lesson status.

Developed new and updated components for Security Journey component library with focus on user experience and accessibility, using React, Storybook, JavaScript, and TypeScript.

Investigated, ticketed, and addressed accessibility issues across Security Journey learning platform, including keyboard navigation and screen reader support for lesson content and controls, detailed roaming map highlight info, and user leaderboards.

Setup accessibility testing CI/CD integration into Github Actions to achieve ongoing compliance with WCAG 2.1 AA standards, monitoring fresh builds for accessibility issues via full page testing, using pa11y CI, JAWS, and axe.

Collaborated with and coached more junior frontend developer, setting up weekly 1:1s, performing gaps assessments, code reviews, and assisted in development and follow through of learning plan.


React, TypeScript, ES6, JavaScript, pa11y, Jest, CI/CD, Github Actions, Storybook, Slack, React Hooks, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, GIT

Nike / IGNW

March 2022 - December 2022

Senior Frontend Developer

Created key pieces of the frontend user interface for rollout of the Korean global launch for the Nike SNKRS Launch enterprise ecommerce platform including integrations for Korean payment services such as Fiserv and KakaoPay and a stateless API connected address suggestion component using React Hooks, Redux, Next.js, Docker, ES6, and AWS.

Developed the analytics, tests, and remote component integration for dual micro frontends utilizing in house tools, JavaScript, New Relic, SSR, REST APIs, and Mocha.

Expanded functionality and innovating new features for the v3 global launch of the SNKRS Launch checkout micro-frontend in line with modern UX principles.

Ensured code quality and data integrity through type testing, bug fixes, unit testing, user stories, and regular code reviews of code developed by team members.

Collaborated with team members globally, including cross team issue tracking and pair programming sessions with Korean developers, to keep projects moving on time through GIT, JIRA, Confluence, and Zoom.


React, Redux, Docker, Next.js, SSR, Hooks, ES6, AWS, Mocha, New Relic, HTML, JavaScript, CSS3, GIT, JIRA, Confluence, Zoom, REST


October 2020 - March 2022

Lead UI Developer

Architected and led the development of the Carousel Solution Engine, a frontend app engine that utilizes live loaded JSON configuration files to generate data driven frontend applications that are WCAG 2.1 AA validated, have multilingual support, and are unit tested out of the box, with test case applications being built alongside for assessing benefit eligibility in California and Tennessee, using React Hooks and Context.

Led the development of the React frontend of the One-x-Connection healthcare application system, successfully converting from a class based component system to a React Hooks system, through a successful first launch and first set of post launch features.

Created a new UI Element library, with over 100 elements designed to be highly functional and styled out of the box, as well as the publication and maintenance of a private scoped npm package, with the Lead UX Researcher, using React Hooks and both reactive styling through React and modern CSS architecture such as CSS Variables and Grid.

Developed new features, providers, views, and components using React Hooks, Redux, ES6, JavaScript, lodash, CSS, REST APIs, UX principles and accessibility standards.

Oversaw, coached, and performed code reviews for the frontend team, including senior and junior developers. Advocated for and began weekly check in and coaching sessions with team members.

Managed code base quality and data integrity using Azure DevOps, unit and integration testing, Git feature branch management, user story management, bug fixes, and coordination with the QA team.

Coordinated with other team leads remotely to keep projects moving on time with design sessions, backlog grooming, sprint planning and retrospectives.


React, React Hooks, ES6, JavaScript, Azure, Redux, CSS, GIT, lodash, REST, Leadership, Coaching, unit testing, integration testing, Microsoft SQL Server, Cypress

HP / Softtek

February 2019 - September 2019

Sr. Frontend Developer

Created the client building and floor layout levels of data management with reusable components, frontend views and services for the Transition Management Center internal tool using Angular, TypeScript, CSS, and HTML.

Developed backend services, API endpoints, setup database queries, and managed database schema for TMC using Javascript, Sequelize, NodeJS, and PostgreSQL.

Optimized frontend workflow using UX principles, updated technologies, and experimented with new technologies to increase speed of user tasks.

Ensured quality of codebase and integrity of data through bug fixes, typing, user stories, code reviews, and other QA techniques.

Coordinated with other team members across the globe to keep projects moving on time through JIRA, team GIT repositories, Scrum meetings, Skype, and Zoom.


Angular, Sequelize, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, NodeJS, JavaScript, TypeScript, GIT, HTML, CSS, SASS, AWS, Agile, JIRA

Hall Labs

May 2017 – February 2019

UX Developer

Developed PayZoom payroll Android app using NodeJS, Angular, and Ionic, leading a team of 4 developers/designers.

Created real-time data charts that pulled live information from Azure hosted databases using PowerBI to present to client business owners.

Established EC2 templates and launched new instances for eCommerce platforms for client businesses using AWS, WordPress, Bootstrap, WooCommerce, and MySQL.

Performed code reviews of code developed by team members, helped manage team GIT repository.


NodeJS, Angular, Ionic, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Typescript, GIT, HTML, CSS, SASS, Agile, PowerBI, WordPress, MySQL, Azure, AWS, Android Studio

Server Sky

September 2015 – June 2016

Physics Researcher

Developed a quantitative predictive model for Server Sky Rutherford scattering of relativistic radiation present in our magnetosphere from the Inner Van Allen Belt.

Researched the radiation environment of the Inner Van Allen Belt, particularly around the L2 shell.

Delivered talks about research at academic and industry conferences.


Differential Equations, Calculus, Relativistic Physics, LaTeX, TeX
private info

Node JS, React JS, and Vanilla JS Devs in Oregon and the U.S. and beyond

Frontend Web Developer

Portland, Oregon, US or remote

Lute (Open Source Contributor) - Rewriting UI of Python/Flask desktop app using React with Vite - Writing unit tests using Jest - Implementing UI...

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Full stack web developer

Portland, Oregon, US or remote

At Doxpop, a SaaS provider in Indiana, I played a key role in designing and developing a complex e-filing system for court documents. This involved...

Node JS React JS Vanilla JS JavaScript Front End TypeScript Redux JS Jest JS SASS

Full Stack Software Engineer

Portland, Oregon, US or remote

I'm a full-stack Software Engineer with a background in web development and UX. I've been working with HTML and CSS for more than 15 years and...

Node JS React JS Vanilla JS JavaScript Front End TypeScript Next JS Sencha Ext JS Redux JS

Front-End Web Developer

Portland, Oregon, US or remote

Including my portfolio, I have created seven websites to demonstrate my comprehensive understanding of JavaScript, modern CSS, React, HTML, and Node....

Node JS React JS Vanilla JS JavaScript Front End

Developer (frontend and backend)

Portland, Oregon, US or remote

Beraten Software – Tigard, OR Web Developer – Summer 2021 – Present - Utilized C#, SQL, and ASP.NET to enhance web applications allowing...

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React Frontend / Full Stack Javascript Developer

Portland, Oregon, US or remote

Javascript full stack developer, leaning heavily towards the Frontend. Coming back up for air after a several-month freelance commitment. Looking...

Node JS React JS Vanilla JS JavaScript Front End Senior

Full Stack Developer

Portland, Oregon, US or remote

As a web developer, I have developed a diverse range of full stack applications including Facebook clones, blogging websites, and browser-based games...

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Web Developer

Central Point, Oregon, US or remote

I have been learning web development for the last four years while going to school. I graduated in June 2023 and now I'm looking for my first job. I...

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Full Stack Web Developer

Eugene, Oregon, US or remote

I offer high-quality full-stack development services, specializing in creating tools that address business needs across various levels of complexity...

Node JS React JS Vanilla JS JavaScript TypeScript Next JS Sencha Ext JS Material UI

Mobile/Frontend Developer

Beaverton, Oregon, US or remote

EyeCue Lab Frontend Engineer, Full Time Portland, OR Apr 2022 – Present ● Developed cross-platform web and mobile applications using React,...

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Senior Software Engineer

Albany, Oregon, US or remote

Currently work for a large software company as a senior engineer. Have led and contributed to many projects as a frontend and backend dev. I can...

Node JS React JS Vanilla JS Front End TypeScript Next JS Sencha Ext JS Senior

Software engineer

Joseph, Oregon, US or remote

Currently I'm working with psychology researchers at Yale-NUS to migrate some studies they've done to be hosted online, change settings more easily,...

Node JS React JS Vanilla JS TypeScript Next JS Sencha Ext JS

.Net Developer

Portland, US or remote

Systems Analyst 3 years Data analyst 5 years...

Node JS TypeScript Angular JS

Software Engineering, Architecture & Management

Dallas, Texas, US or remote

Starting his technical career in 2011, Ryan has been exposed to virtually all aspects of software engineering. Working exclusively at companies with...

Node JS React JS Vanilla JS JavaScript Front End TypeScript Next JS Sencha Ext JS Redux JS

Software Engineer

Washington, District of Columbia, US or remote

WORK EXPERIENCE Applied Materials | Lead Software Engineer ▪ Independently developed a D3-Charts library using TypeScript and React functional...

Node JS React JS Vanilla JS JavaScript Front End TypeScript Next JS Sencha Ext JS Redux JS

Front-end Engineer

Norfolk, Virginia, US or remote

Senior Software Engineer | Boost Insurance - New York, NY Dec 2021 - Apr 2023 - Lead discussions on platform and architecture and testing solutions...

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Frontend Developer

Seattle, Washington, US or remote

Indeed Inc. - Seattle, WA 📅 Jan. 2022 – Apr. 2023 Collaborated with three engineering teams, leading test automation efforts. Achieved 100%...

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JavaScript Web Developer

Columbus, Ohio, US or remote

JavaScript Web Developer S4 NetQuest Principal JavaScript developer for an online learning company. Led modernization efforts in migrating from...

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Senior Frontend Software Engineer

Bronx, New York, US or remote

JOCKMKT | Senior Frontend Engineer | Remote | Nov 2022 - Oct 2023 - Developed and Maintained JockMKT’s React Native and NextJS web applications -...

Node JS React JS Vanilla JS JavaScript Front End TypeScript Next JS Sencha Ext JS Redux JS

15+ Years Full Stack/Front End Web and Generalist Developer (JavaScript/Polyglot)

Chicago, Illinois, US or remote

Note: it is my full intention that nobody read all of this rambling foolishness about my career. It's best skimmed and maybe ultimately skipped to...

Node JS React JS Vanilla JS JavaScript Front End Next JS Sencha Ext JS Senior Angular JS

Front End Developer

Santa Clara, California, US or remote (Software Engineer, Front End) Dec 2021 - Mar 2023 - At, I was a Front End Engineer responsible for implementing new features into...

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Full Stack Developer

Marietta, US or remote

Esports Analytical Platform ( Developed a dynamic, user-friendly educational platform using React and Next.js, integrating with a headless...

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FullStack Software Engineer

New York, New York, US or remote

Projects Vaccinfo - For CUNY Hackathon Winter 2021, collaborated with a team and built a community-based website collecting and providing...

Node JS React JS Vanilla JS JavaScript TypeScript Next JS Sencha Ext JS Senior Angular JS

Software Engineer

Salem, Massachusetts, US or remote

Showical | Full-stack Engineer | Engineered a full stack application with a six-person team that...

Node JS React JS Vanilla JS JavaScript Front End TypeScript Redux JS Jest JS AWS

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