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Full Stack Developer

Bartlett, Illinois, US or remote

William Rainey Harper College November 2021 - July 2023 Student Systems Analyst Palatine, IL ● Leveraged programming, scripting, query, and...

Gujarati node jquery vanilla js json

5+ years of Experience in Full Stack Development

Bangalore, Gujarat, India or remote

I have worked with various domains like Ecommerce, healthcare, Edtech, real estate, SaaS products, etc. I have worked independently, with mid size...

Gujarati react node typescript vue

Software Engineer

Calgary, Alberta, Canada or remote

● Designed and implemented scalable architectures, accommodating increased user loads and data volumes. ● Proficient in developing and...

Gujarati react node typescript vue

Software Engineer

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India or remote

Hello everyone! I have been working as a Full-stack engineer, built and architected MVP, internal and main product mobile & web-apps. Tech stack...

Gujarati react node typescript vue

Senior Developer

AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, India or remote

- Created a solution that can reduce developer onboarding time in 3 days - Conducted a session on MongoDB performance bottlenecks, explaining index...

Gujarati react node typescript mongodb

Front End Developer

Surat, India or remote

-SpotSaas : (Next13, SCSS, API Integrations, Design Conversions) SpotSaaS provides categorized product listings, covering a wide spectrum of...

Gujarati react typescript vanilla js nextjs

Experienced Backend Engineer ready to be hired

Bangalore, Karnataka, India or remote

SDE 2 @ Arzooo / GoStor [B2C E-Commerce] June 22 - Oct 23 Stack: NodeJS, Java, Springboot, Python, MongoDB, MySQL, AWS, Kafka, Redis • Enhanced...

Gujarati node typescript nextjs mongodb

Web Developer

Anand, Gujarat, India or remote

I’m a Web Developer. Working with my hands to make magic happen on the internet. Done Internship at olive&gray (Ecommerse Bussiness) Delhi....

Gujarati react node typescript nextjs

Full stack developer

ANAND, Gujarat, India or remote

Verify my all projects and resume at...

Gujarati react node typescript nextjs

FullStack Developer

Mahuva, Gujarat, India or remote

Digit Carts, Full Stack Developer: • Developed an e-commerce platform for an early stage startup using React, Next.js, Typescript, Node.js,...

Gujarati react node typescript nextjs

React Developer

VADODARA, GUJARAT, India or remote

I am a fresher React developer, currently working with Next js for frontend, Node & Express for the...

Gujarati react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stack Developer

Ahmedabad, GUJRAT, India or remote

I have 1.5 years of experience working at Demaze Technologies, a service-based startup. My main areas of expertise include building websites from...

Gujarati react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stack Developer

vadodara, India or remote

Backend Developer at Vadodara Fire & Emergency Services - Developed Node.js APIs for seamless data integration and communication - Utilized...

Gujarati react node mongodb json

Techanical Officer

Surat, India or remote

Worked ar Tatkalorry Pvt Ltd as a technical...

Gujarati react node

Full Stack Developer

Jalgaon, India or remote

I've built shipr.dev I have a ton of experience building saas startups for...

Gujarati react node typescript nextjs

WordPress Developer at DWAI.com

Monroe Township, US or remote

Currently working at DWAI as a front-end web developer. I am taking software development training program at Correlation One. I have built two...

Gujarati react vue jquery vanilla js

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