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Senior Full Stack Engineer

Berlin, Germany or remote

Full Stack Engineer based in Berlin, Germany. I have a passion for working with others to produce better outcomes, and I enjoy facilitating...

single-page application react node typescript angular

Full Stack Engineer

GIlbert, Arizona, US or remote

Full Stack Engineer with expertise in incorporating cutting-edge technologies into projects and taking software or features from conception to...

single-page application react node typescript jquery

Database Architect

Dallas, Texas, US or remote

I’m an educator and as a hobby I am looking to create a site that simply breaks down Node.js and fundamental...

single-page application node mongodb json

Web Developer

Saint Paul, Minnesota, US or remote

Broadcast Data Integration - AWS CDK, Python, TypeScript, Lambda, S3, DynamoDB ● Architected an AWS CDK solution in collaboration with the...

single-page application react node typescript json

Software Engineer

Vologda, Russian Federation or remote

- Wattsense: took an active part in the making of the user dashboard for IoT platform (Frontend) - Sendtoreader: an RSS and text delivery web app...

single-page application react typescript vue nextjs

Software Engineer

New York, New York, US or remote

Prudential Financial, Inc., Software Engineer Oct 2022 – Present | Newark, NJ • Built a micro-frontend (MFE) web framework, achieving UI...

single-page application react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stack Developer

Marietta, US or remote

Esports Analytical Platform (Rib.gg): Developed a dynamic, user-friendly educational platform using React and Next.js, integrating with a headless...

single-page application react node typescript jquery

Full-Stack Developer

Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay or remote

Uruguay-based Full-stack Web Developer and old-school JavaScript coder with 10+ years of experience. Able to work in multiple programming languages...

single-page application react node typescript vue

Senior Software Engineer

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil or remote

Multi-disciplined senior software developer with experience in frontend (React, Angular, Vue), backend (C, C++, Java, Node, Python, PHP, Laravel,...

single-page application react node typescript angular

Software Engineer

Chicago, US or remote

Software Engineer @ Hike Medical • Co-lead engineer of the Hike Medical Web-App and Admin Portal. • Integrated Intercom, Mixpanel, and...

single-page application react node typescript vanilla js

Full-Stack Web Developer - Software Engineer

Saint Louis, Missouri, US or remote

Created custom prototype reservation system for Hotel Client. Designed/Developed Websites for independent clients Worked as Web Developer TA...

single-page application react node typescript angular

Senior Lead Frontend Engineer | Urban Mobility | Geospatial platforms

Valencia, Spain or remote

A dynamic full-stack engineer known for architecting cutting-edge frontend applications in the urban air mobility domain. With a solid background in...

single-page application react node typescript vue

Front-end Developer

Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil or remote

I've been working with Angular for 5+ years and got quite skilled with the framework. My experience ranges from Web apps (both desktop exclusive and...

single-page application node typescript angular json

Full Stack Developer

Oslo, Oslo, Norway or remote

UAV Mission Management System (July 2023 - Present): Developed a comprehensive system for UAV flight management, incorporating AI, web, and mobile...

single-page application react node typescript vue

Website/Game Developer

Tabriz, Iran

- I have more than 10 years of experience as a developer. - I have worked remotely with companies from Europe for the last 4 years. (I have legal...

single-page application vue jquery mongodb

Full Stack Software Engineer

Thrissur, Kerala, India or remote

Computer Science Engineer that's been involved with developing websites and solving problems related to software since 2016. Positions Held: -...

single-page application react node typescript angular

Frontend Web Developer

Giza, Giza, Egypt or remote

--Frontend Web Developer Payiano 1/ Collaborated with a team of developers to successfully integrate RESTful API's into web applications. 2/...

single-page application node typescript vue vanilla js

Senior Frontend Developer

Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (South) or remote

I am a Front End developer with industry experience building websites and web applications. I specialize in Angular and have professional experience...

single-page application react node angular vanilla js

React Node FullStack Developer in Spain

Madrid, Spain, Spain or remote

Hi, I'm Alvaro! I am passionate about web development and learning about the latest technologies, both front-end and back-end related. I consider...

single-page application react node vanilla js mongodb

React Web Developer

Vilnius, Lithuania or remote

I am a professional React developer working at a multi-billion dollar startup, Vinted. I have experience working both on solo and cross-functional...

single-page application react node typescript jquery

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