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Full Stack MERN Developer

Aventura, Florida, US or remote

I am a results-driven Senior Full Stack Engineer. My previous assignments with Wells Fargo, Allegis Group, NASA, Concept Solutions, Bloomberg BNA,...

Confluence react node angular jquery

Full Stack Engineer

GIlbert, Arizona, US or remote

Full Stack Engineer with expertise in incorporating cutting-edge technologies into projects and taking software or features from conception to...

Confluence react node typescript jquery

Software Engineer

New York, New York, US or remote

Prudential Financial, Inc., Software Engineer Oct 2022 – Present | Newark, NJ • Built a micro-frontend (MFE) web framework, achieving UI...

Confluence react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stack Developer

Los Angeles, California, US or remote

Hello! I am a solutions-driven web developer with 4+ years of experience working on large and small-scale projects for various organizations. I also...

Confluence react node vanilla js json

Software Engineer

Lakewood, Colorado, US or remote

Served as a core engineer focused on refining and improving the company’s pricing rate framework across multiple repositories, impacting over...

Confluence node typescript vanilla js json

Frontend Engineer

San Jose, California, US or remote

As a highly skilled Frontend Engineer with a comprehensive background in product management, I have successfully led and contributed to a range of...

Confluence react node typescript vue

New Grad CS | Front-end experience | Open to SWE

Sacramento, California, US or remote

I'm a recent Computer Science graduate from De La Salle University with front-end development experience, eager to dive into the world of software...

Confluence react typescript vue vanilla js

Full Stack Web Developer

Halifax, NS, Canada or remote

Experience - Content Bloom - Technical Consultant L2: -Demonstrated ability to understand complex technical challenges faced by clients and...

Confluence node typescript angular vanilla js

Full Stack Web Developer

Eugene, Oregon, US or remote

I offer high-quality full-stack development services, specializing in creating tools that address business needs across various levels of complexity...

Confluence react node typescript jquery

Application Developer

Toronto, ON, Canada or remote

Kubra, Mississauga ON — Programmer Analyst Miss 1 - Client Support Team AUG 2022 - FEB 2023 * Implemented simple code and cosmetic changes...

Confluence react node typescript angular

Full Stack Developer

Oslo, Oslo, Norway or remote

UAV Mission Management System (July 2023 - Present): Developed a comprehensive system for UAV flight management, incorporating AI, web, and mobile...

Confluence react node typescript vue

Software Developer

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia or remote

BIO As a dedicated developer with commercial experience, I am eager to support your team with high-quality code that enhances efficiency and...

Confluence react node typescript jquery

Web developer

Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria or remote

Web development agency - worked on various software projects, a logistics company workflow management system. Implementation of multi-stage...

Confluence react node typescript angular

Frontend Engineer

Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia or remote

- I've been become a developer since 2010, from jQuery era to modern frontend development era - Currently working for Germany startup company in...

Confluence react node typescript vanilla js

Web developer

Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium or remote

- personal projects: job-listings https://momspaghetti.netlify.app, repo: https://github.com/Youssef-98/job-listings - companies I've worked for: 4D...

Confluence react node typescript angular

Senior front end developer

Lynnwood, Washington, US or remote

1) With over 5 years of experience, I've worked as a Senior Front End Developer at Accenture, specializing in developing web applications for a...

Confluence react node typescript jquery

Frontend Engineer

San Antonio, Texas, US or remote

I work at a company that specializes in Fleet management. I enhanced customer experience with a React-based dashboard for account reconciliation...

Confluence react typescript jquery vanilla js

QA Engineer

Liverpool, United Kingdom or remote

PlayStation engineer with 7 years of Development and SDET experience. Working on tooling and applications for Game Developers globally. Written...

Confluence node typescript vue vanilla js

Frontend developer

Lille, France or remote

I develop and maintain wide range of web...

Confluence react node typescript jquery

Frontend Developer

Gloucester, United Kingdom or remote

Migrated projects from browserify to webpack. Migrated projects from JS to TS and mixed JS/TS. Migrated from Backbone to React. Strong focus on...

Confluence react node typescript jquery

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