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Senior Fullstack Engineer - Novel Solutions to Complex Problems

Memphis, Tennessee, US or remote

Senior Fullstack Engineer and Manager in Memphis, TN. I have expertise in several programming languages, including Node.js, Python, Java, and C#, and...

German react node typescript vue

Fullstack developer

Berlin, Germany or remote

## Projects MINDMATE Voluntarily Skills: Django, Wagtail, React, TypeScript, REST-API, SCSS, Testing Finishing the original web app idea from...

German react node typescript jquery

Full-Stack JavaScript Consultant

Toronto, Ontario, Canada or remote

Building software became a passion of mine while studying Electrical Engineering in Germany. As a consequence, I taught myself Web programming and...

German react node typescript angular

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Berlin, Germany or remote

Full Stack Engineer based in Berlin, Germany. I have a passion for working with others to produce better outcomes, and I enjoy facilitating...

German react node typescript angular

Freelance React/Node.js Web Developer

Berlin, Berlin, Germany or remote

I'm a freelance web developer from Germany with over 15 years of experience. My passion is creating modern, user-friendly experiences with clean...

German react node angular vanilla js

Experienced Tech Lead & Passionate Product Innovator | Full-stack Specialist with 8+ Years | Expert

Munich, Bavaria, Germany or remote

Technical Lead Pazz GmbH May 2019 - Jun 2023 · 4 yrs 2 mos ▪ Orchestrated the development team's growth from zero to five, accelerating DevOps...

German react node typescript angular

Freelance Frontend Dev

Vienna, Vienna, Austria or remote

Jack of all trades, master of some 🧠 +15 years experience at DESTROYING problems I aim to cut the bullshit and solve issues effectively...

German react node typescript vue

Full Stack Developer

Los Angeles, California, US or remote

Hello! I am a solutions-driven web developer with 4+ years of experience working on large and small-scale projects for various organizations. I also...

German react node vanilla js json

Software Engineer

Sacramento, California, US or remote

I have an awful lot - right now my favorite is Portfoliize, a website that helps recruiters and job seekers by having all a job seekers' portfolio...

German react node typescript jquery


Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany or remote

11-2022 - 06-2023 • Corporate Website Rebranding of dbschenker.com and more than 100 sub- and country pages • As Front-End-Web-Developer •...

German react node typescript angular

Senior Fullstack Dev

Berlin, Germany or remote

Please check the following links: https://github.com/mohammadreza-ashouri/...

German react node typescript vue

Full Stack Developer

Berlin, Germany or remote

I am an experienced web developer who is comfortable working in all areas of website programming. In my previous role, I was responsible for a wide...

German react node vanilla js nextjs

Senior Full Stack Developer (10+ Years Experience)

Karlsruhe, Germany or remote

I enjoy working the most on highly interactive experiences. But I also like the creation of APIs and the development of Server-Side code. Over my...

German react node typescript angular

Frontend Developer

Mono, Ontario, Canada or remote

SMAL GmbH Developer MAY 2022 - DECEMBER 2022 | Munich, Germany • Worked with Corsair to make multiple pages including a keyboard configurator...

German react typescript jquery vanilla js

Software Engineer

Toronto, Canada or remote

Software Engineer with a proven track record in building scalable applications in both an enterprise and startup environment. Here is a point by...

German react node typescript angular

Software Developer

Aberdeen, United Kingdom or remote

Worked for a Geosciences Saas. Creating full Data Visualisations of complex log data for Oil and Gas, Full linting / build / test pipeline....

German react typescript angular vanilla js

React Frontend Developer

Gersmersheim, Germany or remote

I am an experienced Frontend Developer at Zoi, specializing in React development since October 2023. Previously, I worked as a Fullstack Developer at...

German react node typescript nextjs

Experienced Software Engineering Consultant

Berlin, Berlin, Germany or remote

As a software engineering consultant, I have worked with multiple companies of different sizes. I worked with customer-facing apps and internal apps....

German react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stack Developer

Berlin, Berlin, Germany or remote

hi! my name is bruno sj and I am a freelance web developer based in Berlin. I enjoy working on creative projects where I can bring my expertise to...

German react node typescript d3

Frontend Developer

Leverkusen, NRW, Germany or remote

Worked for Clancy Digital on Miyagi, a Jira alternative to make Scrum easy for mid to small sized teams, written in Svelte/Kit, Typescript and...

German node typescript vanilla js json

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