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Software engineer

Long Beach, California, US or remote

Passionate about harnessing insights from diverse interdisciplinary fields, I excel at crafting innovative solutions to complex problems through a...

Clean Code react node typescript angular


Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany or remote

11-2022 - 06-2023 • Corporate Website Rebranding of dbschenker.com and more than 100 sub- and country pages • As Front-End-Web-Developer •...

Clean Code react node typescript angular

Full Stack Developer

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia or remote

🚀 Built serverless matching algorithm on AWS (Lambda, Python) for on-demand meal service app – scaled like a champ! 💪 NFT Marketplace Was...

Clean Code node typescript vanilla js nextjs

Senior Backend Engineer | Tech Lead

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil or remote

Passionate Software Engineer with 12+ years of experience working in big companies and...

Clean Code node mongodb json express

Front-end Developer

Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil or remote

I've been working with Angular for 5+ years and got quite skilled with the framework. My experience ranges from Web apps (both desktop exclusive and...

Clean Code node typescript angular json

Frontend Developer

Tbilisi, Georgia or remote

WIITCO (When Is It Coming Out) October 2022 – Present Live: https://wiitco.vercel.app Code: https://github.com/pogorskii/wiitco-app Built a...

Clean Code react node typescript vue

Software Engineer

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan or remote

I am an experienced Full Stack software engineer with in-depth skills in frontend technologies and frameworks (ReactJS, NextJS, Angular, Typescript,...

Clean Code react node typescript angular

React Web Developer

Vilnius, Lithuania or remote

I am a professional React developer working at a multi-billion dollar startup, Vinted. I have experience working both on solo and cross-functional...

Clean Code react node typescript jquery

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