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Full-Stack Software Engineer II

New York, New York, US or remote

Software Engineer II / AWS Solutions Architect & DevOps Engineer, Postman November 2023 - Present Responsibilities: - Own AWS cloud infrastructure,...

Prisma react node typescript nextjs

Staff Frontend Engineer

Dallas, Texas, US or remote

Staff Frontend Engineer (2017-Current) - Led team of 7 frontend engineers and helped guide approaches to new applications and set standards / best...

Prisma react node typescript vanilla js

Software Engineer

Cary, North Carolina, US or remote

Software Engineer | Remote | July 2020 - Present • Lead the end-to-end software development for BuddoBot, specializing in JavaScript, TypeScript,...

Prisma react node typescript angular

Full Stack Web Developer, Consultant, Mentor, Technical Writer, Speaker, Book Author

Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom or remote

Work Experience Celestial — Lead Developer Nov 2022 - PRESENT - Led the development of the operations dashboard for the client who...

Prisma react node typescript vue

Front-End Engineer

Austin, Texas, US or remote

Faced with the challenge of improving UX on our website searches, I integrated ChatGPT API into our search bar using React.js & Next.js improving...

Prisma react node typescript jquery

Software Engineer

Rancho Mirage, California, US or remote

SINAI - Pioneered the implementation of Chromatic/Storybook for secure UI hosting and review, yielding a remarkable 20% enhancement in the review...

Prisma react node typescript angular

Full Stack Software Engineer

Madison, Wisconsin, US or remote

GoodUnited (Sep 2022 - Present) - Lead engineer for donation page feature, adding 4% revenue stream and 10+ nonprofits. - Co-lead for...

Prisma react node typescript jquery

Full-Stack Developer & Digital Solutions Architect

greenville, South Carolina, US or remote

Freelance Web Developer (Aug 2020 - Current) Partnered with agencies to deliver digital solutions like websites, mobile apps, and integrations....

Prisma react node vue nextjs

Software Engineer

Santa Ynez, California, US or remote

I've developed several projects that span across full-stack web development, integrating various technologies and frameworks. Notable projects...

Prisma react node typescript angular

Full Stack Web Developer

Kenitra, Morocco or remote

I have worked on multiple personal and professional projects across diverse industries. Note: These are projects I take pride in and have...

Prisma react node typescript vanilla js

Full-Stack Developer

Tulsa, Oklahoma, US or remote

At my current contracting job at Elevate Digital, • Employ RedwoodJS and Tailwind CSS to create custom features, including a filter system,...

Prisma react typescript json

Developer | Frontend | Backend

Austin, Texas, US or remote

Fullstack developer. Bachelors degree in Computer Science in 2022 from The University of Texas at San Antonio. Hello! I'm Allef, I work with a lot...

Prisma react node typescript jquery

Fullstack Developer

Arden Hills, Minnesota, US or remote

Drawing Dash - A timed canvas-based drawing app with daily updated random prompts to draw. Includes authentication, user profiles, and full search...

Prisma react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stack Web Developer

Bloomfield, New Jersey, US or remote

As an ambitious developer, I strive to build a successful career in Web Development by combining my keep problem solving abilities with a strong...

Prisma react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stack Developer

Toronto, ON, Canada or remote

Experienced full-stack developer with over 8 years designing, developing, and implementing web applications. I specialize in translating business and...

Prisma react node typescript vue

Intermediate Software Developer | Ex-Amazon

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada or remote

I've worked in platform teams at Amazon and at Univerus Software in British Columbia...

Prisma react node typescript angular

Fullstack Software Engineer

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden or remote

Full-stack engineer from Sweden specialising in frontend with 5 years of experience. I really appreciate end to end type safety and enjoy working...

Prisma react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stack Web Developer

Eugene, Oregon, US or remote

I offer high-quality full-stack development services, specializing in creating tools that address business needs across various levels of complexity...

Prisma react node typescript jquery

Software Engineer

Skopje, Macedonia or remote

I've first started as a backend developer mostly writing PHP apps. Then transitioned to Laravel and Vue.js as a full stack dev working for several...

Prisma react typescript nextjs

Software Engineer

Zagreb, Croatia or remote

- Worked in a team of 40+ people developing a vehicle analytics and management platform - Developed a web application for end-of-line vehicle...

Prisma node typescript json express

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