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Full stack web developer

Portland, Oregon, US or remote

At Doxpop, a SaaS provider in Indiana, I played a key role in designing and developing a complex e-filing system for court documents. This involved...

Redux Toolkit react node typescript jquery

Full Stack Developer

Bartlett, Illinois, US or remote

William Rainey Harper College November 2021 - July 2023 Student Systems Analyst Palatine, IL ● Leveraged programming, scripting, query, and...

Redux Toolkit node jquery vanilla js json

Junior Web Developer

Prospect, Maine, US or remote

I'm a junior web developer with a passion for creating websites and applications. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the...

Redux Toolkit react node typescript jquery

Software Engineer

Chicago, Illinois, US or remote

As a graduate of Fullstack Academy's software engineering bootcamp, I excelled in all graded projects, consistently scoring at the top of my class....

Redux Toolkit react node vanilla js json

Sr. Software Engineer

Cebu, Cebu, Philippines or remote

[ { company: 'Community Brands', position, 'Software Engineer (React.js)', duration: 'August 2023 - Present',...

Redux Toolkit react node typescript nextjs

Software Engineer

Moorhead, Minnesota, US or remote

UI/full stack dev with 12 years experience building web sites, web applications in javascript and/or...

Redux Toolkit react node typescript vue

Full Stack Web & Mobile Application Developer

Orosháza, Hungary or remote

Hi! My name is Martin. I'm a full-stack web & cross-platform mobile application developer with 10+ years experience. My work experience cover a...

Redux Toolkit react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stack Developer (React, React Native, Next.js, NestJS, Express, Typescript)

Oroshaza, Bekes, Hungary or remote

I'm a full-stack web & cross-platform mobile application developer from Hungary, Europe. I have more than 10 years experience as a developer,...

Redux Toolkit react node typescript vanilla js

Front End Developer

Surat, India or remote

-SpotSaas : (Next13, SCSS, API Integrations, Design Conversions) SpotSaaS provides categorized product listings, covering a wide spectrum of...

Redux Toolkit react typescript vanilla js nextjs

Frontend Software Developer

Toronto, ON, Canada or remote

Strong command of JavaScript and TypeScript, specializing in creating responsive React applications. Developed an analytics dashboard with...

Redux Toolkit react node typescript vanilla js

Fullstack Developer

Barrie, Ontario, Canada or remote

As a design-focused Software Developer, my expertise lies in the Javascript ecosystem (Next.js, React, TS, Redux, Node, Express, TailwindCSS) to help...

Redux Toolkit react node typescript vanilla js

Javascript Frontend Engineer

Singapore, Singapore or remote

Enabled food and grocery delivery services on a corporate b2b level and delivered on the company’s biggest web architecture revamp, improving...

Redux Toolkit react node typescript jquery

Frontend Engineer

Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia or remote

- I've been become a developer since 2010, from jQuery era to modern frontend development era - Currently working for Germany startup company in...

Redux Toolkit react node typescript vanilla js

Front-end Developer

Kayseri, Turkey or remote

I have created some projects based on new technologies for showcase the majority of them focusing on special technology to demonstrate the skill I...

Redux Toolkit react jquery vanilla js nextjs

Frontend React Developer

Struga, Municipality of Struga, Macedonia or remote

1. HealthCorner.ch (September 2022 - February 2023) - Working on the initial version of this doctor/pharmacy appointment site based in Switzerland....

Redux Toolkit react typescript nextjs json

Frontend Developer

Tlemcen, Germany or remote

Developed multiple fully responsive website clones of prominent platforms such as Trello and Whatsapp, showcasing meticulous attention to detail and...

Redux Toolkit react typescript vanilla js nextjs

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