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React Frontend / Full Stack Javascript Developer

Portland, Oregon, US or remote

Javascript full stack developer, leaning heavily towards the Frontend. Coming back up for air after a several-month freelance commitment. Looking...

Sequelize JS react node jquery vanilla js

Sr. Software Engineer & Consultant

London, United Kingdom or remote

Hi, I'm a multifaceted software engineer with a master's degree in computer science and research published by IEEE, OEIS, and Springer. Since 2010, I...

Sequelize JS react node typescript vue

Software developer

Austin, Texas, US or remote

For full list of experiences and projects, look at my LinkedIn or website. Experiences: Digital Business Analyst, McKinsey & Company...

Sequelize JS react node jquery vanilla js

Full Stack Developer

Marietta, US or remote

Esports Analytical Platform (Rib.gg): Developed a dynamic, user-friendly educational platform using React and Next.js, integrating with a headless...

Sequelize JS react node typescript jquery

Software Engineer

Salem, Massachusetts, US or remote

Showical | Full-stack Engineer | https://github.com/rpp35-boc-berners-lee/Showcial Engineered a full stack application with a six-person team that...

Sequelize JS react node jquery vanilla js

Associate Software Engineer

Webster Groves, Missouri, US or remote

Dustin Pezley is a full stack web developer with extensive marketing and project management experience. He brings a creative and functional approach...

Sequelize JS react node typescript jquery

Web Developer | Full-stack

Denver, Colorado, US or remote

A full-stack web developer with a passion for coding. I'm a recent boot camp graduate, but have been coding since high school. I specialize in...

Sequelize JS react node vanilla js mongodb

Software Engineer

Chicago, Illinois, US or remote

As a graduate of Fullstack Academy's software engineering bootcamp, I excelled in all graded projects, consistently scoring at the top of my class....

Sequelize JS react node vanilla js json

Full-Stack Web Developer - Software Engineer

Saint Louis, Missouri, US or remote

Created custom prototype reservation system for Hotel Client. Designed/Developed Websites for independent clients Worked as Web Developer TA...

Sequelize JS react node typescript angular

Web Developer

Raleigh, North Carolina, US or remote

Recently completed a rigorous coding bootcamp through the University of North...

Sequelize JS react node jquery vanilla js

Fullstack Web Application Developer

St. John's, NL, Canada or remote

Seasoned software professional with a passion for applying the Unix philosophy and SOLID design principles to distributed systems in order to solve...

Sequelize JS react node typescript vanilla js

Web developer

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada or remote

Hello! I'm a seasoned developer with 15 years of experience specializing in web development, software engineering, and digital advertising. I've had...

Sequelize JS react node typescript vue

Full-stack Developer

Santiago, Chile or remote

Full-stack Developer currently creating personal projects and exploring diverse technologies. So far I have worked with HTML, CSS/SASS, Angular,...

Sequelize JS react node typescript angular

Software Engineer, Full Stack JS Developer

Amman, Jordan or remote

I'm a Frontend Web Developer with extensive experience in Mobile, Desktop, and Web Applications using JavaScript. I've been working in the IT...

Sequelize JS react node vanilla js express

Full Stack Developer

vadodara, India or remote

Backend Developer at Vadodara Fire & Emergency Services - Developed Node.js APIs for seamless data integration and communication - Utilized...

Sequelize JS react node mongodb json

Node js Developer

Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh, India or remote

I have a strong background as a Node.js Developer, with experience in designing, developing, and deploying web applications that prioritize quality...

Sequelize JS react node typescript vanilla js

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