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Senior Full Stack Developer

Los Angeles, California, US or remote

πŸš€ Developer Experience & Achievements πŸš€ πŸ” Duplicate Finder - Electron & React App: - Built an application that scans directories for...

Trello react node typescript nextjs

Full-Stack Software Engineer II

New York, New York, US or remote

Software Engineer II / AWS Solutions Architect & DevOps Engineer, Postman November 2023 - Present Responsibilities: - Own AWS cloud infrastructure,...

Trello react node typescript nextjs

Front End Developer and UX Designer

Miami, Florida, US or remote

Leveraging my expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I've crafted responsive and user-friendly interfaces that seamlessly adapt to various devices...

Trello react node jquery vanilla js

Frontend Web Developer

Portland, Oregon, US or remote

Lute (Open Source Contributor) - Rewriting UI of Python/Flask desktop app using React with Vite - Writing unit tests using Jest - Implementing UI...

Trello react node typescript angular

Freelance Web Developer

Raleigh, North Carolina, US or remote

Hi, I'm Andrew, a Freelance Full Stack Developer, Creator, and Entrepreneur based in Raleigh, NC. I'm currently open to new opportunities and love to...

Trello react node typescript angular

Full Stack Developer

Los Angeles, California, US or remote

Hello! I am a solutions-driven web developer with 4+ years of experience working on large and small-scale projects for various organizations. I also...

Trello react node vanilla js json

Full stack developper

Villajoyosa, Alicante, Spain or remote

2023 - Freelance - App to handle the reservation of workspace πŸš€ Next JS, Next UI, tailwind, Firebase 2022-2023 - SumUp - Development,...

Trello react node typescript vanilla js

Senior Full-Stack developer

Belgrade, Serbia or remote

Hello there! I'm a very experienced full-stack developer. I've been in the industry for close to a decade and instead of getting too technical and...

Trello react node typescript angular

Senior JavaScript Developer

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden or remote

One of my most impressive work accomplishments was when I was a software engineer at a large financial institution. I was part of a team responsible...

Trello react node typescript angular

Frontend Engineer

San Jose, California, US or remote

As a highly skilled Frontend Engineer with a comprehensive background in product management, I have successfully led and contributed to a range of...

Trello react node typescript vue

Software Engineer

Moorhead, Minnesota, US or remote

UI/full stack dev with 12 years experience building web sites, web applications in javascript and/or...

Trello react node typescript vue

Web Developer

Salt Lake City, US or remote

Experience: I worked as a full stack web developer intern through Salt Lake Community College, tasked with creating a productivity application for a...

Trello react node jquery json

Full Stack Developer

Markham, Ontario, Canada or remote

Full Stack Developer, Volunteer (AWS, NextJs, CMS, React, Git) North York, Ontario...

Trello react node typescript angular

Full Stack Developer & Software Engineer

Montreal, Quebec, Canada or remote

I'm a recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Software Engineering and I'm a full-stack web developer and software engineer....

Trello react node vanilla js nextjs

Jr. Software Engineer

Washington D.C, US or remote

I have worked for 3 companies as a web developer, and software engineering roles. I also worked with a university as a client to create a...

Trello react node typescript angular

Software Developer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada or remote

-Portfolio: thangpham.dev -Github: ThangVPham I am a fullstack developer who is passionate about solving real world problems by leveraging modern...

Trello react node typescript vanilla js

Fullstack & DevOps

Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia or remote

Currenty as freelance developer, base on onsite or remote...

Trello react node jquery nextjs

Front-end Developer | Open Source Contributor | Project Management

Singapore, Singapore or remote

Growth-oriented Web Developer with 3+ years of experience working in JavaScript, React, and Next.js using Scrum / Agile methodology that drives...

Trello react typescript vanilla js nextjs

Full Stack Developer (React, React Native, Next.js, NestJS, Express, Typescript)

Oroshaza, Bekes, Hungary or remote

I'm a full-stack web & cross-platform mobile application developer from Hungary, Europe. I have more than 10 years experience as a developer,...

Trello react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stack Developer

Oslo, Oslo, Norway or remote

UAV Mission Management System (July 2023 - Present): Developed a comprehensive system for UAV flight management, incorporating AI, web, and mobile...

Trello react node typescript vue

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