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Senior Frontend Engineer

Denver, Colorado, US or remote

Senior Frontend Engineer, nZero ● Led the development of a customer self-service portal, which transformed an internal Rails app into a React SPA...

MUI JS react node typescript angular

Senior Frontend Developer

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom or remote

Spent several years (6-7+) building out Design Systems, Component Libraries and Frontend systems from scratch. Big proponent on having good UI...

MUI JS react typescript nextjs

Full Stack Developer

Denver, Colorado, US or remote

### Full Stack Developer, DevOps Engineer at Oklahoma Biological Survey from Feb 2019 - Present - Using Next.js, developed a web application that...

MUI JS react node typescript angular

Junior Software Engineer

New York, New York, US or remote

Hello! I'm a skilled software engineer based in New York City. My passion lies in crafting dynamic web applications, with a primary focus on React,...

MUI JS react node typescript vanilla js

Senior Frontend Developer

Cairo, Cairo, Egypt or remote

I am a Senior Frontend Developer with over three years of experience working in the software industry, specializing in ReactJS, NextJS, and related...

MUI JS react node typescript jquery

Sr. Software Engineer

Cebu, Cebu, Philippines or remote

[ { company: 'Community Brands', position, 'Software Engineer (React.js)', duration: 'August 2023 - Present',...

MUI JS react node typescript nextjs

Full Stack Web Developer

Rudny, Oblast, Kazakhstan or remote

As a multilingual Senior Full Stack Web Developer, I bring a wealth of experience in building robust and user-friendly web applications across...

MUI JS react node typescript angular

💻 Front-End Web Developer | 🎨 UX/UI Designer

Montréal, Quebec, Canada or remote

⭐Projects I've Created: ➡️Ludex landing page, QTbotz NFT landing page, and Ludex Dashboard at Ludex Technologies Inc. Added new features,...

MUI JS react typescript vanilla js nextjs

Full Stack Software Developer

Vancouver, BC, Canada or remote

ProtonAssault Starfox inspired 3D jet shooter game designed with Unity, C# RocketBoost Prototype 3D flying platform game produced with Unity, C#...

MUI JS react node typescript jquery

Front end React developer

Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain or remote

I have been working as a React dev for more then 2 years. I started working for a softwarehouse in Wrocław Poland as a React Dev for a 1.5 years. We...

MUI JS react typescript vanilla js nextjs

Front-end Developer

Sofia, Bulgaria or remote

3+ years of experience as a Front-end developer. Currently working at Nuvei, a leading fintech company providing 80+ payment methods and security...

MUI JS react node jquery vanilla js

Frontend Engineer

Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia or remote

- I've been become a developer since 2010, from jQuery era to modern frontend development era - Currently working for Germany startup company in...

MUI JS react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stack Software Developer

Warsaw, Poland or remote

Serenify: An app for meditation with user authentication (with passport and JWT) and customizable options that are saved to the database (Prisma...

MUI JS react node typescript vanilla js


Floresti, Cluj, Romania or remote

• Developed on the content delivery system for a renowned American newspaper, ensuring consistency across mobile, web and RSS feeds • Created...

MUI JS react node typescript jquery

React Frontend Engineer

Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina or remote

SOFTWARE ENGINEER NDA - Web and Desktop Application for Explosive Mining Engineers and Process Management for the biggest Industry Giants (under...

MUI JS react node typescript nextjs

Frontend Engineer

San Antonio, Texas, US or remote

I work at a company that specializes in Fleet management. I enhanced customer experience with a React-based dashboard for account reconciliation...

MUI JS react typescript jquery vanilla js

Web Engineer

Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia or remote

Technical Support Developer - Vretta Inc • Provided Technical Support for multiple Educational platforms such as: intromath.ca,...

MUI JS react node typescript vanilla js

Fullstack Web Developer

Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay or remote

I've created a movie app(https://hackflix-seven.vercel.app/), I've helped create an E-Commerce with a team...

MUI JS react node typescript nextjs

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