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Full Stack Engineer

Port Orchard, Washington, US or remote

Senior Full Stack Engineer and Computer Science degree based in Port Orchard, WA, US. I have over 7 years of experience in Full Stack JS development,...

KISS principles react node typescript nextjs

Frontend / Mobile Engineer

Teresina, Piauí, Brazil or remote

At Loft I was working at startup Nomah, and I'm involved in building three front-end applications. A website for lead and guest acquisition channel,...

KISS principles react node typescript jquery

Full-Stack Developer

Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay or remote

Uruguay-based Full-stack Web Developer and old-school JavaScript coder with 10+ years of experience. Able to work in multiple programming languages...

KISS principles react node typescript vue

Senior Frontend Tech Lead

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada or remote

2021-present Senior Frontend Tech Leader Part of the architecture team to build eCommerce solutions for automotive leaders like Toyota, Jaguar,...

KISS principles react node typescript vue

Senior Backend Engineer | Tech Lead

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil or remote

Passionate Software Engineer with 12+ years of experience working in big companies and...

KISS principles node mongodb json express

FrontEnd developer / JavaScript developer / React developer

Kaunas, Lithuania or remote

February 2022 — January 2023 AVA.codes Front End React developer NDA project Developed functionality for web form in a Single-Page Application...

KISS principles react typescript vanilla js json

Front End Developer

Sofia, Bulgaria or remote

Starting my journey as a Frontend Developer at DevriX in Sofia from May 2017 to June 2021, I honed my skills by leading projects with a strong...

KISS principles react jquery vanilla js nextjs

Web developer

Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria or remote

Web development agency - worked on various software projects, a logistics company workflow management system. Implementation of multi-stage...

KISS principles react node typescript angular

Software Engineer

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa or remote

I have worked for Brave Orbit company based in Cape Town and another called Bear Fruit based in Pretoria, where I solved complex problems in both...

KISS principles react node typescript vanilla js

Frontend Developer | ReactJS, NextJS

Odesa, Ukraine or remote

I've worked on fintech projects, ecommerce, crypto currencies etc. Experienced in developing responsive web apps with attention to...

KISS principles react node typescript vanilla js

Senior Frontend Engineer

Tbilisi, Georgia or remote

Senior Frontend Developer (Angular) with 6+ years of experience. For more details check...

KISS principles typescript angular vue vanilla js

Frontend Developer

Vilnius, Lithuania or remote

Working on a online store right now, in a team with 2 more...

KISS principles react typescript vanilla js

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