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Senior Frontend Engineer

Portland, Oregon, US or remote

Amazon Web Services / Collabera September 2023 - Present Senior Frontend Engineer Develop key features for AWS Quicksight accessibility...

Mocha JS react node typescript angular

Principal Engineer

Oshkosh, Wisconsin, US or remote

Seasoned principle engineer specializing in frontend development. I have a wealth of experience as a senior developer and manager. My skills include...

Mocha JS node typescript angular mongodb

Software Engineering, Architecture & Management

Dallas, Texas, US or remote

Starting his technical career in 2011, Ryan has been exposed to virtually all aspects of software engineering. Working exclusively at companies with...

Mocha JS react node typescript angular

Senior Full Stack Developer

Los Angeles, California, US or remote

πŸš€ Developer Experience & Achievements πŸš€ πŸ” Duplicate Finder - Electron & React App: - Built an application that scans directories for...

Mocha JS react node typescript nextjs

Front-end Engineer

Norfolk, Virginia, US or remote

Senior Software Engineer | Boost Insurance - New York, NY Dec 2021 - Apr 2023 - Lead discussions on platform and architecture and testing solutions...

Mocha JS react node typescript vanilla js

Senior Software Engineer

Indianapolis, Indiana, US or remote

I've been working in development for over a decade with a primary focus on front end technologies. I have done back end and full stack work using...

Mocha JS react node jquery vanilla js

Ex-Amazon Senior Software Engineer

Vancouver, Canada or remote

🏒 McGrawHill, Vancouver BC Senior Software Engineer Consultant (Remote) - July 2023 – November 2023 πŸš€ Onboarding backend team for new...

Mocha JS react node typescript vanilla js

15+ Years Full Stack/Front End Web and Generalist Developer (JavaScript/Polyglot)

Chicago, Illinois, US or remote

Note: it is my full intention that nobody read all of this rambling foolishness about my career. It's best skimmed and maybe ultimately skipped to...

Mocha JS react node vue jquery

Sr. Software Engineer & Consultant

London, United Kingdom or remote

Hi, I'm a multifaceted software engineer with a master's degree in computer science and research published by IEEE, OEIS, and Springer. Since 2010, I...

Mocha JS react node typescript vue

Front End Developer

Dallas, Texas, US or remote

Mid Level UI Developer, One Network Enterprises β€’ Building reusable MVC components for ONE’s Single Page App - Command Center using React,...

Mocha JS react angular jquery vanilla js

Front-End Web Developer

Charlotte, North Carolina, US or remote

I am an experienced front-end web developer with a strong understanding of design and usability. I create high-quality and compelling user...

Mocha JS node typescript angular vanilla js

Full Stack Developer

Phoenix, Arizona, US or remote

Full Stack Developer based in Phoenix, Arizona with experience in React.js, Node.js, Flask, PostgreSQL, and other technologies. I have contributed...

Mocha JS react node typescript vue

Full Stack Software Engineer

Denver, Colorado, US or remote

Amount June 2022 - Jan 2023 Full-Stack Software Engineer ● Core member for the development and introduction of new reward and co-branded credit...

Mocha JS react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stac Software Developer

Lynchburg, Virginia, US or remote

CACI International Inc. Rome, NY (Remote) FULL STACK SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Feb. 2021 ‑ Present β€’ Secured extended contracts and funding for CACI...

Mocha JS react node typescript vanilla js

Software Engineer

Salem, Massachusetts, US or remote

Showical | Full-stack Engineer | https://github.com/rpp35-boc-berners-lee/Showcial Engineered a full stack application with a six-person team that...

Mocha JS react node jquery vanilla js

Full Stack Developer

VALLEJO, California, US or remote

Hello! I'm a full stack developer with a focus on the MERN and PERN tech stacks. Below are a few of the projects I've worked on while following Agile...

Mocha JS react node typescript vue

Software Engineer

Lubbock, Texas, US or remote

Software engineer with a passion for accessibility. Army veteran, pizza enjoyer, and excited for the next adventure in life. Halfsies β€”...

Mocha JS react typescript svelte

Full Stack Developer

Brighton, United Kingdom or remote

- Designed, developed, and launched a SaaS startup offering digital business cards that integrate with Apple & Google Wallet. - Led a team of...

Mocha JS react node typescript vue

Principal Software Engineer

Kansas City, Kansas, US or remote

At Cortina Platform, where I currently hold the Principal Software Engineer role, I have successfully led the adoption of SOLID and ACID principles...

Mocha JS react node typescript nextjs

Software Engineer

Colombo, Western, Sri Lanka or remote

I've been a Software Engineer for over five years now, launched some cool FinTech products at :Different, worked with awesome teams at Wiley, and...

Mocha JS react node typescript vanilla js

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