6 Best Domain Driven Design (DDD) Developers For Hire In April 2024

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Sr. Software Engineer & Consultant

London, United Kingdom or remote

Hi, I'm a multifaceted software engineer with a master's degree in computer science and research published by IEEE, OEIS, and Springer. Since 2010, I...

domain driven design (DDD) react node typescript vue

Full-Stack Developer

Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay or remote

Uruguay-based Full-stack Web Developer and old-school JavaScript coder with 10+ years of experience. Able to work in multiple programming languages...

domain driven design (DDD) react node typescript vue

Software Engineer

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil or remote

Result-driven Software Developer with 15+ years of experience. Highly skilled in PHP and JavaScript. Passionate about software architecture and clean...

domain driven design (DDD) react node typescript angular

Full Stack Software Engineer

Florianópolis, SC, Brazil or remote

Voa Group: Reduced infrastructure costs by 54%. Implemented observability, distributed tracing and telemetry dashboards and alerts, for performance...

domain driven design (DDD) react node typescript mongodb

Software Developer

Ankara, Turkey or remote

- Created a web crawler that scrapes sites and save data to time domain database(InfluxDB). - Created a fullstack meditation app by using React...

domain driven design (DDD) react node typescript nextjs

Front-end developer

Volgograd, Volgograd, Russian Federation or remote

Have successfully worked with many clients including large business in building apps from scratch and not, implemented own solutions and resolved...

domain driven design (DDD) react node typescript vue

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