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Senior Solutions Programmer

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada or remote

Sycle (1 year) Senior Architect Their product line centers around managing an audiology department, clinic or office. Owners and audiologists...

Shell Script node jquery vanilla js mongodb

Senior Software Engineer & Director

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom or remote

Senior Software Engineer with over fifteen years of international success in a wide array of industries infusing design and software engineering...

Shell Script react node typescript angular

15+ Years Full Stack/Front End Web and Generalist Developer (JavaScript/Polyglot)

Chicago, Illinois, US or remote

Note: it is my full intention that nobody read all of this rambling foolishness about my career. It's best skimmed and maybe ultimately skipped to...

Shell Script react node vue jquery

Full Stack Software Engineer

Miami, Florida, US or remote

Juice Finance: • Led the development and test launch of both the omega.xyz landing page and the app.omega.xyz lending platform using Next.js,...

Shell Script react node typescript jquery

Senior Software Engineer

Phoenix, Arizona, US or remote

Versatile Software Engineer specializing in JavaScript and Vue.js, with a proven track record in developing and enhancing critical applications for...

Shell Script node typescript vue vanilla js

Senior Software Engineer

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil or remote

Multi-disciplined senior software developer with experience in frontend (React, Angular, Vue), backend (C, C++, Java, Node, Python, PHP, Laravel,...

Shell Script react node typescript angular

Senior Full Stack Developer

San Clemente, California, US or remote

Software Engineer at Camping World September 13th 2021 Remote Duties: • Developed a new API service endpoint responsible for the secure...

Shell Script react node angular vue

Full stack web developer

Portland, Oregon, US or remote

At Doxpop, a SaaS provider in Indiana, I played a key role in designing and developing a complex e-filing system for court documents. This involved...

Shell Script react node typescript jquery

Javascript / Python Developer & System Administrator

Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway or remote

Providing services: - Backup & Recovery Systems - Technical Support - Personal Assistance - Cybersecurity - Negotiation - Public Relations -...

Shell Script typescript vanilla js svelte

Web Developer

buffalo, New York, US or remote

Professional Projects: Dara's Upholstery: • A marketing website designed for an upholstery shop. The client was guided through the process,...

Shell Script react node typescript jquery

Application Developer

Toronto, ON, Canada or remote

Kubra, Mississauga ON — Programmer Analyst Miss 1 - Client Support Team AUG 2022 - FEB 2023 * Implemented simple code and cosmetic changes...

Shell Script react node typescript angular

Frontend developer

Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan or remote

AndBeyond Co Ltd. - Tokyo June 2021 - Present Web Developer I have been maintaining 2 websites I helped create for AndBeyond. I have been...

Shell Script jquery vanilla js json backbone

Software Developer

Sualuang, Bangkok, Thailand or remote

- Develop a chat communication platform for both iOS and...

Shell Script node typescript mongodb

Full Stack Software Engineer

Thrissur, Kerala, India or remote

Computer Science Engineer that's been involved with developing websites and solving problems related to software since 2016. Positions Held: -...

Shell Script react node typescript angular

NestJs Ionic React Full Stack Developer

Belo Horizonte,, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil or remote

With over 26 years of life experience and a passion for both music and technology, I am an enthusiastic and results-oriented Full-Stack programmer....

Shell Script react node vanilla js nextjs

NLP Engineer

Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines or remote

Im a part of the Deep Learning Team at Lexcode as a NLP Engineer. On weekends, I am building Tyange as the CTO of an early stage...

Shell Script react typescript vanilla js nextjs

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