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Industry Hiring Options

We give you easy access to devs and lower final cost to hire.

  • Job Boards can be great for their lower initial cost, however they come with no guarantee of a final hire. This could add more job post costs, messages/lead costs, subscription fees, and a longer waiting time.
  • Recruiters are useful because they invest time and effort to find you a developer without any upfront cost, but the final cost is expensive (30% or more of a hire's gross annual salary). Especially when you factor the average developer switches positions every 2.5 years. Then the process/cost begins all over again.
  • JS Chimp provides risk-free access and a final lower cost to hire.

Compare Hiring Options

Job Board Lower Initial Cost
Pay Upfront
Unknown Total Cost
Unknown Outcome
JS Chimp No Upfront Cost
Direct Access to Devs
Lower Final cost
Only Pay If You Hire
Recruiter No Upfront Cost
Pricing Hidden
Limited Access to Devs
Highest Final Cost

How The 10% Placement Fee Works

  • No placement fee for total freelance work under $2,000 USD.
  • 10% placement fee for any total work $2,000 USD or more.
  • Applies to full-time, contract, part-time, and projects.
  • Due within 10 business days of developer start date.

10% Breakdown by Work Type

Full Time
10% of the hire's gross salary for the first 12 months
Contract to Hire
10% of gross contract duration pay,
then 10% of gross for remaining months
of full time work up to a total of 12 months.
10% of each contract period up to 12 total months.
10% gross of part-time period up to 12 total months.
If the sum of your projects equal less than $2,000, then no fee is due.
When the sum of your projects equals $2,000 or more, then 10% gross is due.

Pricing FAQ

I found a developer/company I want to hire/work for, what's the next step?
Work out the details between you and the other party and contact us let us know the start date, duration, and agreed upon salary/rate.
What if I hire more than one developer?
You may hire unlimited number of developers.

The 10% placement fee applies for each dev you hire.
What if it doesn't work out between the developer and company?
We provide several hiring safeguards:

1. You have 10 business days to work together before any placement fee is due. This gives you essentially two weeks to vet eachother out. If you deciede it's not a fit, then no placement fee is due.

2. If it's within 30 days of the start date and you paid the placement fee, but it's not working out, then we provide one free hire through our site valid for 12 months.

3. To further vet your developer/company relationship, we recommend scheduling a small paid project to gage how you work together. We make this possible by not charging fees when the sum total of all projects are less than $2,000 USD.
What if I have more questions?
Simply contact us.