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Experienced full-stack engineer and UI/UX designer

Las Vegas, Nevada, US or remote

I've been developing products for virtually every type of device, platform and medium since I started coding as a teen. Since then, my apps and...

Socket.IO JS react node typescript jquery

Senior Fullstack Engineer - Novel Solutions to Complex Problems

Memphis, Tennessee, US or remote

Senior Fullstack Engineer and Manager in Memphis, TN. I have expertise in several programming languages, including Node.js, Python, Java, and C#, and...

Socket.IO JS react node typescript vue

Full Stack Software Engineer

Clintwood, Virginia, US or remote

My experience is lengthy, but I can summarize it pretty well. I'm a self-taught engineer, everything I've done over the past 12 years has been...

Socket.IO JS react node typescript jquery

Full Stack Application Developer

Lafayette, Louisiana, US or remote

Dynamic full stack web developer with 13 years of professional experience mastering front and back-end technologies and exceeding client...

Socket.IO JS react node typescript angular

Backend Developer

Montclair, US or remote

# Projects I've worked for: 1. Adamo ID - LimboTeams LLC. I've been in charge of the backend development for this project. The main objective...

Socket.IO JS react node typescript vanilla js

Fullstack Developer

Arden Hills, Minnesota, US or remote

Drawing Dash - A timed canvas-based drawing app with daily updated random prompts to draw. Includes authentication, user profiles, and full search...

Socket.IO JS react node typescript vanilla js

Web Developer

Central Point, Oregon, US or remote

I have been learning web development for the last four years while going to school. I graduated in June 2023 and now I'm looking for my first job. I...

Socket.IO JS react node typescript vanilla js

Senior Lead Frontend Engineer | Urban Mobility | Geospatial platforms

Valencia, Spain or remote

A dynamic full-stack engineer known for architecting cutting-edge frontend applications in the urban air mobility domain. With a solid background in...

Socket.IO JS react node typescript vue

Junior Software Developer

East Grinstead, United Kingdom or remote

Resource Rivals - Team-built browser game that heavily utilises web-sockets and a room system to allow multiple games to run at once on the server. I...

Socket.IO JS react node typescript vue

Desenvolvedora de software

Pelotas, RS, Brazil or remote

Desenvolvedora de software pleno, com experiência front-end e mobile em aplicações de grande tráfego. Tenho sólidos conhecimentos em JavaScript,...

Socket.IO JS react typescript vanilla js nextjs

Software Engineer

Colombo, Western, Sri Lanka or remote

I've been a Software Engineer for over five years now, launched some cool FinTech products at :Different, worked with awesome teams at Wiley, and...

Socket.IO JS react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stack Engineer

Kolkata, West Bengal, India, West Bengal, India or remote

• Developed an interactive dashboard creation tool enabling the generation of dynamic, responsive, and customized dashboards. This SaaS product...

Socket.IO JS react node typescript vue

Website/Game Developer

Tabriz, Iran

- I have more than 10 years of experience as a developer. - I have worked remotely with companies from Europe for the last 4 years. (I have legal...

Socket.IO JS vue jquery mongodb

React Fullstack Developer

Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria or remote

Fullstack developer with expertise in React, Redux, MongoDB, Node.js, Express.js, Tailwind CSS, and other web technologies. Overtime, I have...

Socket.IO JS react node jquery mongodb

Software Engineer, Full Stack JS Developer

Amman, Jordan or remote

I'm a Frontend Web Developer with extensive experience in Mobile, Desktop, and Web Applications using JavaScript. I've been working in the IT...

Socket.IO JS react node vanilla js express

React Native developer

Kaunas, Lithuania or remote

I had an opportunity to work with both big and small companies on mobile application and web projects during my 8 years developer's career. I've...

Socket.IO JS react node typescript nextjs

Senior MERN Frontend Developer & Architect

Mumbai, India or remote

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer and a full-time, remote freelancer. I'm seeking exciting projects and professional collaborators. With over 6 years...

Socket.IO JS react node typescript vanilla js

Software Developer

Vancouver, BC, Canada or remote

Software Developer III Jan. 2022 – May 2023 | 1 yr 5 mos Staffbase (formerly Bananatag) Vancouver, BC Lead effort to upgrade the text editor...

Socket.IO JS react node typescript vanilla js

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