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Backend Developer

Houston, Texas, US or remote

Backend Developer - SWYE360, Richardson TX - Led a small team of 3 utilizing OOP/OOD principles for preparing/cleaning data for our SQL database....

Turkish react node typescript angular

Full Stack Developer

Eskisehir, Turkey or remote

#Work Experience 1. Toptal - Freelancer - Created an internal tool with NodeJS, NextJS that creates printable PDFs of bank/debit cards. It uses...

Turkish react node typescript nextjs

React, React Native, JavaScript Developer

Birmingham, United Kingdom or remote

I'm Enîs, a self-taught web developer with two years of hands-on experience. My toolkit includes front-end technologies like React and React Native,...

Turkish react node typescript jquery

Full Stack Developer

Istanbul, Turkey or remote

Ex IBM TCIM / TSOM outsource employee. Full stack developer. Coffee lover. Music...

Turkish react node typescript angular

Front-end Developer

Ohrid, Ohrid, Macedonia or remote

With 4 years of experience in designing and developing user-friendly websites and applications, I am confident in my ability to contribute to web...

Turkish react vanilla js nextjs mongodb

Software Developer

Ankara, Turkey or remote

- Created a web crawler that scrapes sites and save data to time domain database(InfluxDB). - Created a fullstack meditation app by using React...

Turkish react node typescript nextjs

Experienced Full-Stack Software Developer

İstanbul, Beşiktaş, Turkey or remote

Baykar Technologies (Intern) - MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPER: • Developed mobile application with React Native • Designed native modules that...

Turkish react node typescript nextjs

CANADA Based Web Design Team

Toronto, Ontario, Canada or remote

We are a company that helped companies scale their businesses by writing clean, and SEO-optimized code. We fuse web design with graphic design to...

Turkish jquery vanilla js json

Front-end Developer

Kayseri, Turkey or remote

I have created some projects based on new technologies for showcase the majority of them focusing on special technology to demonstrate the skill I...

Turkish react jquery vanilla js nextjs

Software Developer

Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey or remote

News Map Created using React, React SVG Map, and NewsCatcher API, integrating a world map with current news updates specific to the countries...

Turkish react node typescript vanilla js

Full-Stack Web Developer

Istanbul, Turkey or remote

I'm a seasoned full-stack developer specializing in React & Next.js, with a proven track record of freelance projects across various domains. Some...

Turkish react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stack Engineer

Ankara, Turkey or remote

In my previous role as a Full Stack Engineer at DT Cloud, I successfully tackled diverse web development challenges while implementing IaaS, and PaaS...

Turkish react node typescript vanilla js

Creative Developer

Ankara, Turkey or remote

I'm a web developer who specializes in creating 3D websites using WebGL technologies, and I'm passionate about developing 3D, animated, and...

Turkish vanilla js threejs

Frontend Developer

Baku, Azerbaijan or remote

Showthemovie - Movie Search App | ReactJS -Used TMDB API for dynamically fetching movie data -Configured routing via ReactRouter -Added search...

Turkish react typescript vanilla js json

Full Stack Web Developer

İstanbul, Esenler, Turkey or remote

I've participated to Full Stack Web Developer programme via Workintech which provides 6 months of full time course -including 75 projects done by...

Turkish react node jquery

junior developer

Kocaeli, Turkey or remote

I completed a 6-month full-stack web developer training program during which I worked on 45 front-end projects. I used React and related libraries in...

Turkish react mongodb json

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