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FullStack Software Engineer

New York, New York, US or remote

Projects Vaccinfo - For CUNY Hackathon Winter 2021, collaborated with a team and built a community-based website collecting and providing...

SQLite react node typescript angular

Senior Full Stack Developer

Los Angeles, California, US or remote

🚀 Developer Experience & Achievements 🚀 🔍 Duplicate Finder - Electron & React App: - Built an application that scans directories for...

SQLite react node typescript nextjs

Senior Solutions Programmer

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada or remote

Sycle (1 year) Senior Architect Their product line centers around managing an audiology department, clinic or office. Owners and audiologists...

SQLite node jquery vanilla js mongodb

Full-Stack Developer & Digital Solutions Architect

greenville, South Carolina, US or remote

Freelance Web Developer (Aug 2020 - Current) Partnered with agencies to deliver digital solutions like websites, mobile apps, and integrations....

SQLite react node vue nextjs

Software Engineer

Washington, District of Columbia, US or remote

WORK EXPERIENCE Applied Materials | Lead Software Engineer ▪ Independently developed a D3-Charts library using TypeScript and React functional...

SQLite react node typescript angular

Web Developer

Miami, Florida, US or remote

Throughout my career, I have been involved in various projects that showcase my diverse skill set and passion for web technologies. One notable...

SQLite react node typescript mongodb

Full Stack Developer

Bartlett, Illinois, US or remote

William Rainey Harper College November 2021 - July 2023 Student Systems Analyst Palatine, IL ● Leveraged programming, scripting, query, and...

SQLite node jquery vanilla js json

Full Stack Developer

Toronto, ON, Canada or remote

Experienced full-stack developer with over 8 years designing, developing, and implementing web applications. I specialize in translating business and...

SQLite react node typescript vue

Backend Engineer

Fort Worth, Texas, US or remote

I have created a real estate market predicting website that used ReactJS and Material UI for the front-end and Django with Python for the back-end. I...

SQLite react node nextjs json

Junior Software Developer

Cheyenne, Wyoming, US or remote

Pokémon Card Creator Web App Python web application using Django and Pillow Space Ace Single player top-down space shooter made in GODOT...

SQLite node typescript angular vanilla js

Full Stack Developer

Oslo, Oslo, Norway or remote

UAV Mission Management System (July 2023 - Present): Developed a comprehensive system for UAV flight management, incorporating AI, web, and mobile...

SQLite react node typescript vue

Eager developer looking for a foot in the door into the Tech World

Redford, Michigan, US or remote

Bloom Institute of Technology educated predominantly in Front-End technologies including Javascript, React, SCSS, and also in backend technologies...

SQLite react node jquery vanilla js

Front-end Developer

Canada, Canada or remote

Hi there! I marry old-school best practices with a modern tech stack to build beautiful, functional, and maintainable web experiences that users love...

SQLite react node typescript vanilla js

Frontend Developer

São Paulo, SP, Brazil or remote

Frontend developer, specialized in creating modern and efficient web solutions, with NextJS, Typescript, TailwindCSS and Styled Components. Owner at...

SQLite react typescript vanilla js nextjs

Software Engineer

Kisumu, Nyanza, Kenya or remote

I've created 12 projects both web and Mobile Apps that are live. I created a website for a company called IIbuy at https://iibuy.co.ke My Apps are...

SQLite react node typescript jquery

UX/Full Stack Engineer

Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan, Honduras or remote

My Smart Menu - E-commerce built with Svelte and SvelteKit for restaurants. It started out as a very fast menu, but then progressed into a full...

SQLite node typescript vanilla js json

Software Engineer, Full Stack JS Developer

Amman, Jordan or remote

I'm a Frontend Web Developer with extensive experience in Mobile, Desktop, and Web Applications using JavaScript. I've been working in the IT...

SQLite react node vanilla js express

Frontend Developer

Ratoath, Meath, Ireland or remote

Finsho Technical co-founder of a shopping and payments app that improves the in-store shopping experience for customers and shop owners. Developing...

SQLite react node vanilla js mongodb

Full Stack developer

Los Angeles, California, US or remote

🚀 Projects I've Created: Project Management Tool at Service Rocket: Developed a collaborative tool using Python and Atlassian suite....

SQLite react node typescript angular

Web Developer

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan or remote

PERSONAL PROJECTS : • Word Search Puzzle Generator (03/2023 - 05/2023) https://github.com/umairayub79/WordSearchGenerator • Sayad Ganj -...

SQLite react node mongodb json

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