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Ex-Apple, Accel, Yahoo, E*Trade, Ebay - SWE Mgmt Exec Consultant & Director

Dallas, Texas, US or remote

Don't let your company fail at the brink of success - contact me instead. Using 23 years of experience in Silicon Valley, I will create a plan for...

ecommerce react typescript vanilla js

Staff Frontend Engineer

Dallas, Texas, US or remote

Staff Frontend Engineer (2017-Current) - Led team of 7 frontend engineers and helped guide approaches to new applications and set standards / best...

ecommerce react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stack Web Developer, VP, & CTO

United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates or remote

Co-Founder Fabogo and VP of Engineering at Mazkara Internet. Seasoned Web applications expert with 10+ years of industry experience. Currently...

ecommerce angular vue jquery vanilla js

Senior Frontend Developer

Cairo, Cairo, Egypt or remote

I am a Senior Frontend Developer with over three years of experience working in the software industry, specializing in ReactJS, NextJS, and related...

ecommerce react node typescript jquery

Full Stack Engineer

Manchester, United Kingdom or remote

Solopreneur | 2023-2024 • Built gumtrends.com, idea to paying customers in 6 days. Laravel + AlpineJS • Worked on AI video generation tool,...

ecommerce vue vanilla js alpinejs

CTO / FullStack Developer

Tbilisi, Georgia or remote

Usually, I build MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) + nextjs, koajs, AWS, and MySQL applications. I have advanced knowledge and experience in...

ecommerce react node jquery vanilla js

Full-stack developer

Toronto, ON, Canada

Nuclear Media, 905devshop, Sutton Group Visit https://www.tatyanakarlen.com/ for portfolio projects with code/demo...

ecommerce react node typescript vanilla js

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