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Remote Full Stack Developer - Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

Remote Full Stack Developer Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
Featured Skills:
typescript angular json
Primary Info:
  • Name: private info
  • Focus: Full Stack
  • Career: Junior
  • Location: Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Timezone: UTC-05:00
  • Speaks: English
Open To Work
  • full time
  • near me
  • remote
Worked as part of the small team responsible for the full-stack development and maintenance of PVITL, which included a Ruby on Rails and MySQL back end, and an Angular 12 front end.
private info

Full Stack, TypeScript, and Junior Devs in Pennsylvania and the U.S. and beyond

Senior React-Native Mobile Developer/Full Stack Developer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US or remote

-6 years experience as Project Lead for App Department at MedTrak Inc -Upgraded and maintained SDKs, created and maintained backend, developed log...

Full Stack TypeScript Junior Angular JS

Front End Engineer

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, US or remote

Recent startup SaaS working on frontend and some backend features for project management application. Large company experience managing technical...

Full Stack TypeScript

Software Engineer

Oil City, Pennsylvania, US or remote

From a young age, I've had an innate love for creation, whether it's through sketching, crafting furniture, assembling keyboards, or developing...

Full Stack TypeScript

Front End Developer

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US or remote

My career has taken me through a number of verticals across a wide array of projects: - I was the sole engineer of a design system for Nuix, where I...


Senior Software Engineer

Zelienople, Pennsylvania, US or remote

My entire career, I have been focused on creating simple and pleasant user experiences. And by extension, I understand the scope of building a system...

Full Stack TypeScript Angular JS

10 Years Experience

Dallas, Pennsylvania, US or remote

I have worked in Scalefast as a Senior Web Developer. Here are my previous work website urls.

Full Stack TypeScript Angular JS

Full Stack | Front End | Senior Software Engineer | Agile Product Owner | USA

Scranton, Pennsylvania, US or remote

10 years of professional experience developing software in Javascript, Python, and React. Certified as an Agile Product Owner by the Scrum Alliance....

Full Stack TypeScript

Full Stack Developer

Cheltenham, Pennsylvania, US or remote

As a full stack MERN developer, I excel in designing and building cutting-edge digital experiences that solve real-world problems for people and...

Full Stack TypeScript Junior

Software Engineer

Charleston, South Carolina, US or remote

I am an experienced web developer with a strong background in various programming languages and frameworks. I have a passion for creating...

Full Stack TypeScript Junior Angular JS Ruby Ruby on Rails

Software Engineer

New York City, New York, US or remote

Full Stack Software Engineer experienced in AWS, Ruby on Rails, TypeScript, Elm, and PostgreSQL. I specialize in crafting efficient, scalable web...

Full Stack TypeScript Junior Angular JS Ruby Ruby on Rails

Freelance Web Developer

Raleigh, North Carolina, US or remote

Hi, I'm Andrew, a Freelance Full Stack Developer, Creator, and Entrepreneur based in Raleigh, NC. I'm currently open to new opportunities and love to...

Full Stack TypeScript Junior Angular JS Ruby

Tech Team Lead / Senior Full Stack Engineer

Ocoee, Florida, US or remote

A technical team lead with 9 years of experience who values building and working in high-trust teams that have healthy communication, a strong...

Full Stack TypeScript Ruby Ruby on Rails

Software Developer

Avon Lake, Ohio, US or remote

Self-taught full-stack dev seeking full-time roles to apply my skills in Python/Django, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, and Java/Spring Boot. I have...

Full Stack Junior Ruby Ruby on Rails

Full Stack Developer

Charlotte, North Carolina, US or remote

I have built numerous Full Stack Applications with several different frontend and backend technology stacks. Most recently I built HT Jobs, a job...

Full Stack TypeScript Junior Angular JS

Jr. Software Engineer

Washington D.C, US or remote

I have worked for 3 companies as a web developer, and software engineering roles. I also worked with a university as a client to create a...

Full Stack TypeScript Junior Angular JS Ruby

Full Stack Developer

Detroit, Michigan, US or remote

Hello, I'm a full stack developer with two years of professional experience. My most recent position was working for a CRM for automotive dealerships...

Full Stack TypeScript Junior Angular JS

Software Engineer

261 Laurel Mountain Trail, North Carolina, US or remote

I’m a passionate software engineer looking for a company to improve and grow my skills with. I have an interest in all things dealing with...

Full Stack TypeScript Junior Angular JS

Fullstack Engineer

Hurlock, Maryland, US or remote

Created a data pipeline and content delivery system that handles conversion and editing of 3D assets using Node, React, MySQL, and multiple AWS...

Full Stack TypeScript Junior

The Dev You Were Looking For

Arlington, Virginia, US or remote

😅 Howdy, I'm a web developer specializing in building (and on occasion designing) exceptional user experiences. I am the one the Baba Yaga calls...

TypeScript Junior Angular JS

Web, mobil and desktop developer

Rocledge, Florida, US or remote

Develop for company like Eds puerto rico RiMS...

Full Stack TypeScript Angular JS

15+ Years Full Stack/Front End Web and Generalist Developer (JavaScript/Polyglot)

Chicago, Illinois, US or remote

Note: it is my full intention that nobody read all of this rambling foolishness about my career. It's best skimmed and maybe ultimately skipped to...

Full Stack Angular JS Ruby on Rails

Frontend Developer

jacksonville, Florida, US or remote

Hello! I'm a frontend developer, with most of my experience coming from using React and Vue...

Full Stack TypeScript Junior

Web Developer

Miami, Florida, US or remote

Throughout my career, I have been involved in various projects that showcase my diverse skill set and passion for web technologies. One notable...

Full Stack TypeScript Junior

Software Engineer

Paterson, New Jersey, US or remote

WORK EXPERIENCE Testing Associate Passaic County Community College 07/2021 – 01/2023 ● Created websites and collaborated with team members...

Full Stack TypeScript Junior

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