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Remote Software Engineer - Oil City, Pennsylvania

Remote Software Engineer Oil City, Pennsylvania
Featured Skills:
typescript jquery vanilla js
Primary Info:
  • Name: private info
  • Focus: Backend, Full Stack
  • Career: Mid Level
  • Location: Oil City, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Timezone: UTC-05:00
  • Speaks: English
Actively Looking
  • full time
  • remote
From a young age, I've had an innate love for creation, whether it's through sketching, crafting furniture, assembling keyboards, or developing software to streamline daily tasks. What began as a self-taught hobby creating websites and profiles for friends has evolved into a genuine passion for software development. I'm deeply committed to crafting software that not only enhances efficiency but also embodies the elegance of well-structured and readable code.

My journey has exposed me to a variety of programming languages and APIs, but I have honed my expertise in Python, PRAW, and JavaScript. I am eager to channel this passion and experience into creating innovative solutions and contributing to projects that drive positive change.


One of the most cherished endeavors was a collaborative venture with my father. Starting at the age of 10, I was actively involved in my father's sublimation printing business. During the warmer months, we frequently attended craft shows, where I enthusiastically designed custom license plates, signs, T-shirts, and an array of other personalized products, tailored to each individual's vision. Following my college graduation, I teamed up with my father to develop software that empowered users to create their own designs without the need for our direct involvement. This software simplified the intricate processes and excessively complex photo editing software, making it so user-friendly that even older generations could easily craft their own designs. It was incredibly gratifying to witness the sheer excitement and satisfaction of people as they took full control of their designs, immersing themselves in the creative process.

Following my college graduation, I collaborated with local businesses to enhance their online presence and drive increased sales and client inquiries. Notably, my involvement with New Age Plastic Surgery led to an astounding achievement – a 300% surge in new client inquiries within the very first month.

More recently, my focus has been on a project with a moderation team on Reddit, where we've been diligently developing a moderation toolkit and backend application. This innovative solution has successfully automated a staggering 67.8% of routine tasks, drastically reducing the time previously spent on these responsibilities. Additionally, the application automatically notifies users of rule violations, resulting in a remarkable 63% decrease in such violations. Beyond these benefits, it has been instrumental in safeguarding moderators by anonymizing their actions, effectively mitigating daily threats and harassment from disgruntled users.
private info

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