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Software engineer

Brooklyn, New York, US or remote

Netflix clone written with nextjs and typescript. Incorporates a clean and minimalist design that allows user to create their own account and create...

react node typescript vanilla js

Software Engineer

Santa Clarita, California, US or remote

I currently work as a Software Engineer at TUMO, my responsibilities are to: Develop complex and interactive web applications/games using Vue.js &...

node typescript vue jquery

Frontend Engineer

San Jose, California, US or remote

As a highly skilled Frontend Engineer with a comprehensive background in product management, I have successfully led and contributed to a range of...

react node typescript vue

Software Engineer

San Francisco, California, US or remote

As a results-driven Software Engineer Intern, my forte lies in optimizing front-end performance and enhancing user experiences. Armed with a diverse...

react node typescript vanilla js

Senior Full Stack Developer (10+ Years Experience)

Karlsruhe, Germany or remote

I enjoy working the most on highly interactive experiences. But I also like the creation of APIs and the development of Server-Side code. Over my...

react node typescript angular

Fullstack Developer

Arden Hills, Minnesota, US or remote

Drawing Dash - A timed canvas-based drawing app with daily updated random prompts to draw. Includes authentication, user profiles, and full search...

react node typescript vanilla js

Software Engineer

Carson, California, US or remote

Hey, I'm Austin. I'm currently working towards a Post-Bacc B.S. in Computer Science, at Oregon State University! Prior to that I studied...

react node typescript vanilla js

Senior Software Developer

London, Greater London, United Kingdom or remote

Exceptionally creative Full Stack Developer with Superb work ethic and over 6+ years of experience. Knowledgeable in a variety of programming...

react node typescript angular

Full Stack Developer

Detroit, Michigan, US or remote

Hello, I'm a full stack developer with two years of professional experience. My most recent position was working for a CRM for automotive dealerships...

react node typescript angular

Full Stack Developer

Moreno Valley, California, US or remote

I worked as a contractor for York Solutions where in a training program I developed a Dr Scheduling app and a Pantry / Recipe application that...

typescript angular vanilla js json

Software Engineer

Oil City, Pennsylvania, US or remote

From a young age, I've had an innate love for creation, whether it's through sketching, crafting furniture, assembling keyboards, or developing...

typescript jquery vanilla js

Full Stack Developer

Berlin, Germany or remote

I am an experienced web developer who is comfortable working in all areas of website programming. In my previous role, I was responsible for a wide...

react node vanilla js nextjs

Full-Stack Developer

Washington, Illinois, US or remote

DLD-VIP Apr. 2022 – Present Full Stack Developer ▪ Architected API overhaul by migrating to TypeScript, significantly improving code...

react node typescript vanilla js

Software Engineer

Boca Raton, Florida, US or remote

Hey, I’m a well rounded software engineer. I lean toward full stack web dev with experience in React and React Native. I also work on machine...

react node typescript vanilla js

Software engineer

Joseph, Oregon, US or remote

Currently I'm working with psychology researchers at Yale-NUS to migrate some studies they've done to be hosted online, change settings more easily,...

react node typescript vanilla js

Full Stack Software Engineer

Rahway, New Jersey, US or remote

- Created lambda functions using Python to connect with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to retrieve data, organize it, and send it as emails....

react node typescript vue

Front End Developer

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada or remote

In my career as a Front End Developer spanning multiple dynamic companies, I've had the privilege of driving pivotal advancements and addressing...

react typescript jquery nextjs

Software Engineer

Center Moriches, New York, US or remote

From August 2022 to August 2023, I worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Digital Insight Games, Inc. It was a full-stack role in a remote startup...

react node typescript angular

Senior Front-end Engineer

Jiaxing, China or remote

I've worked on some of the largest brands in the world, including Hello Kitty, Nickelodeon, Star Trek, and Care Bears. Senior Front-end Engineer |...

react node typescript vanilla js

Software Developer

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada or remote

I am a Software Developer with over two years of experience in developing, maintaining, and upgrading web and mobile applications. I possess a...

react typescript nextjs

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