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Technical Lead

Technical Lead
Featured Skills:
react node typescript vue jquery
Primary Info:
  • Name: private info
  • Focus: Frontend, Backend, Full Stack
  • Career: Senior, Manager
  • Location: Copenhagen, DK
  • Timezone: UTC+01:00
  • Speaks: English
Actively Looking
  • part time
  • < 6 mo contract
  • >= 6 mo contract
  • remote
All Skills: react node typescript vue jquery vanilla js nextjs json express alpinejs Typescript Javascript PHP Python TailwindCSS Github Actions ORM Zod Prisma PostgreSQL MySQL GraphQL Docker AWS Software Architecture Agile Methodologies OOP functional DRY
More than 10 years of experience delivering tech solutions working with frontend and backend technologies including Typescript, PHP (Laravel, Symfony), Python (Django). Experience working from monolith to microservices architectures.

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