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desarrollador fullstack

desarrollador fullstack
Featured Skills:
react node typescript vue vanilla js
Primary Info:
  • Name: private info
  • Focus: Full Stack
  • Career: Senior, Manager
  • Location: ORURO, ORURO, BO
  • Timezone: UTC-04:00
  • Speaks: English, Spanish, Portuguese
Open To Work
  • >= 6 mo contract
  • full time
  • near me
  • remote
  • open to move
All Skills: react node typescript vue vanilla js nextjs express php with laravel
Software Engineer with 3+ years of experience developing web applications (API & Microservices) using Vue (Javascript) using databases such as PostgreSQ and MySQL Focused on problem solving and automation of corporate processes putting into practice the concepts of software engineering and design patterns. Implement Agile Scrum methodologies in development processes.

He learn quickly and always motivated to help the team and the company through his knowledge. He is someone who has a strong focus on technical growth. Liked to discuss topics like performance, efficiency, and best practices.
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