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Mobile/Frontend Developer

Mobile/Frontend Developer
Featured Skills:
react node typescript vanilla js express
Primary Info:
  • Name: private info
  • Focus: Frontend, Full Stack, Mobile
  • Career: Mid Level
  • Location: Beaverton, OR, US
  • Timezone: UTC-07:00
  • Speaks: English, Filipino
Actively Looking
  • full time
  • remote
All Skills: react node typescript vanilla js express React Redux TypeScript JavaScript C# SQL .NET MVC OOP Functional DRY SOLID HTML CSS MaterialUI Bootstrap
EyeCue Lab

Frontend Engineer, Full Time

Portland, OR Apr 2022 – Present

● Developed cross-platform web and mobile applications using React, React Native, Redux, and TypeScript.

● Implemented Redux Toolkit Query to efficiently fetch and manage data from third-party endpoints.

● Collaborated in enhancing a large-scale web app with over 80,000 registered users.

● Enhanced legacy React components into functional, type-safe components using TypeScript

● Translated Figma designs into responsive components using Material UI and Styled Components.

● Mentored interns and led code reviews, ensuring high code quality and a collaborative atmosphere.

● Worked with QA engineers to swiftly address issues, optimizing user experience.

Elegrity Inc (Acquired by iManage LLC) Software Developer, Full Time

● Developed features for Elegrity Connect using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, and SQL.

● Optimized data retrieval and presentation, enhancing application performance.

● Provided prompt technical support to users, effectively resolving bugs.

Software Developer, Intern

San Francisco, CA May 2018 – Nov 2018

Makati, Philippines Apr 2016 – Aug 2016

● Contributed to the development of an HRIS Web Application, serving a user base of 1,000+ individuals

● Collaborated within SCRUM meetings, fostering cross-functional teamwork adhering to AGILE methodologies.

● Thrived in an iterative development environment, ensuring seamless software solution deliveries.
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