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Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer
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  • Location: Chicago, IL, US
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All Skills: react node typescript vanilla js nextjs json C# .NET Git DevOps Azure Google Cloud AWS Machine Learning Cloud Computing SQL Typescript Javascript React Node.js Terraform
Kitchen Inventory Platform for Large Multinational Corporation. C#, .NET, React, Typescript, Azure DevOps.

Industrial kitchen inventory management software, integrating supplier orders, POS systems, and computer vision to estimate real-time inventory. Developed for one of the largest private companies in the world.

- Internal (MJL) project lead. Managed relationship with external stakeholders and all day-to-day communications.

- Completed full-app refactor ahead of schedule to increase speed and maintainability of application, update data architecture, and implement better libraries and tooling.

- Collaborated with customer success manager and development team to plan and architect new features to stakeholder requirements.

- Added new features at a high velocity, including biweekly demos to stakeholders.

Agrivoltaic Drone Monitoring Platform for Intellect Earth. React, Typescript, C#, .NET, Azure DevOps.

Platform for ingesting and analyzing drone footage, using object detection machine learning algorithm, to track plant growth on combined agricultural and solar farmland.

- Project lead. Developed, tracked, and implemented organizational plan for technical work.

- Built application front and back end from the ground up, using modern libraries and tools.

- Aided in cloud infrastructure planning, including cloud functions app to run image processing and machine learning algorithms.

- Implemented drone footage orthorectification library to process large quantities of image data and stitch

images together to be processed by object detection algorithm.

Contract Management Platform for Streaming Company. React, Typescript, Node.Js, Google Cloud.

Platform for tracking timelines and stakeholders for contracts for video content.

- Project lead. Managed relationship with client including all day-to-day communications, demos, and requirement tracking.

- Refactored entire front-end of application to use modern strongly-typed tools (Typescript)

- Added security and cloud infrastructure upgrades.
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