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Software Engineer

Software Engineer
Featured Skills:
react node typescript angular vanilla js
Primary Info:
  • Name: private info
  • Focus: Frontend, Backend, Full Stack
  • Career: Junior, Mid Level
  • Location: New York City, New York, US
  • Timezone: UTC-05:00
  • Speaks: English, Spanish
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All Skills: react node typescript angular vanilla js nextjs mongodb json express svelte Languages: Elm Ruby SQL JavaScript (Node.js) GraphQL Frameworks: Ruby on Rails Nest.js Frontend Technologies: Elm React Database: SQL (Postgres) Frontend Styling: Tailwind BoostStrap Version Control: Git Collaboration Tools: Jira Project Management: Scrum practices Continuous Delivery
Full Stack Software Engineer experienced in AWS, Ruby on Rails, TypeScript, Elm, and

PostgreSQL. I specialize in crafting efficient, scalable web solutions with a focus on

user experience. My adaptable and innovative approach ensures high-quality results in

dynamic environments.

**PowerReviews, NYC — Software Engineer August 2022 - Present**

🚀 **Projects:**

- **Sampling Platform Enhancement:** Engineered a full-stack feature for the in-house sampling platform, resulting in a notable increase in user engagement.

- **Dashboard UX Improvement:** Improved internal dashboard user experience by enhancing filtered sampling user allocation and optimizing the distribution of email information, aiding Project Managers in delivering timely updates to clients.

- **Multi-Tenant Architecture:** Contributed to the development of a robust multi-tenant architecture, ensuring data isolation, security, and scalability during the migration of over 300,000 users to the internal platform.

- **Email Automation:** Enhanced email communication features to streamline and automate campaign cadence maintenance, reducing manual effort and ensuring consistent and timely delivery of sampling campaigns.

🏢 **Companies:**

- Contributed significantly to PowerReviews, a NYC-based company specializing in user-generated content solutions and sampling services.

🛠️ **Challenges:**

- Addressed the challenge of optimizing user engagement through the development of features for the sampling platform.

- Tackled UX challenges by improving dashboard functionality, benefiting Project Managers in client communication.

- Successfully managed the complex migration of a large user base to a multi-tenant architecture, ensuring data privacy and security.

**4US, NYC — Founding Full Stack Developer June 2021 - March 2022**

🚀 **Projects:**

- **Financial Services Features:** Collaborated on delivering features related to financial services in the Political Fundraising sales cycle, utilizing peer review and continuous delivery.

- **Reconciliation UX:** Developed a reconciliation user experience for donor transactions, incorporating committee specifics via backend and 3rd-party API calls.

- **Disclosure Generation Service:** Integrated a disclosure generation service, writing decoders for transaction aggregates from the backend.

- **Multi-Step Form Experiences:** Programmed full-stack solutions with Elm, Node.js, and GraphQL, designing and developing multi-step financial form experiences.

🏢 **Companies:**

- Worked as a Founding Full Stack Developer at 4US, an NYC-based startup focusing on financial services within the Political Fundraising sector.

🛠️ **Challenges:**

- Addressed challenges related to financial service feature development, ensuring adherence to the Political Fundraising sales cycle.

- Implemented a reconciliation UX, handling complexities associated with donor transactions and committee specifics.

- Successfully designed multi-step financial form experiences, optimizing user ease and responsiveness.

**Securitize, NYC — Software Engineer February 2020 - September 2020**

🚀 **Projects:**

- **Configuration Management System:** Developed a configuration management system for international payment form schemas, supporting wire and ACH income distributions for over 150 countries.

- **Dividend Distribution Procedure:** Engineered a procedure for dividend distribution to 300+ international investors, ensuring security and compliance protocols.

- **Email Notification Services:** Integrated email notification services for issuer to investor communication via 3rd-party API’s including Sendgrid and Postmark.

- **Tax Form Module:** Built out a tax form module for submitting and signing income tax filing information, supporting W-9, W-8BEN, and W-8BENE tax forms.

🏢 **Companies:**

- Contributed as a Software Engineer at Securitize, an NYC-based company specializing in security token issuance and management.

🛠️ **Challenges:**

- Addressed the challenge of creating a comprehensive configuration management system for international payment forms.

- Successfully managed the complex dividend distribution process to a diverse group of international investors.

- Integrated third-party email notification services for effective issuer to investor communication.

- Built a tax form module, streamlining the submission and signing of income tax filing information.

Feel free to use this as a template, and customize it further based on additional details or specific achievements in your projects.
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