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Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer
Featured Skills:
react node typescript angular vue
Primary Info:
  • Name: private info
  • Focus: Frontend, Backend, Full Stack, Mobile
  • Career: Senior
  • Location: Susteren, Limberg, NL
  • Timezone: UTC+01:00
  • Speaks: English, Chinese
Actively Looking
  • part time
  • < 6 mo contract
  • >= 6 mo contract
  • full time
  • remote
All Skills: react node typescript angular vue jquery vanilla js nextjs mongodb json meteor express alpinejs d3 svelte threejs Python PHP Laravel SvelteKit jira git gitlab AI web3 Flask Django C# .NET NestJS NuxtJS HTML Linux CI/CD Git DevOps Functional Programming Terraform OOP Azure JS/TS CSS PHP Docker Soft Skills SQL MySQL MongoDB
Solutions-oriented full-stack software engineer with 8+ years of experience and highly proficient in multiple programming languages. Primary focus on the backend with Python, JavaScript, Flask, Django, and the various software programming best practices. Contributing to innovative software solutions to meet business demands and needs. Skilled at translating business requirements into viable, scalable solutions while optimizing and reworking systems to meet specific customer requirements. Curious, versatile lifelong learner. Detailed-oriented and excellent communicator seeking advancement opportunities

The latest work includes:

- Building out a marketplace application for healthcare professionals using React, Next.js, Django, and MongoDB.

- Enhancements and maintenance on a web-based trading platform used by hundreds of thousands of people using Python, Django, GraphQL, and PostgreSQL.

- Architecting and prototyping new versions of those applications using React and Vue.js.

- Developing web apps in Python using Django working with different databases RDBMS and NoSQL like PostgreSQL / Redis / MySQL / MongoDB / Elastic-Search / Hypertable as well as Firebase and DynamoDB.

My greatest achievement I was on it was like invoice digitalization.

This one was like a shorter contract but this was just the last project I worked on where I had to kind of rebuild the whole system for the invoices as they’ve managed.

You know manually creating an invoice is very tricky and there are some different steps to build it.

Very stressful tasks. Before it was simple and the user interface was not user-friendly.

So I really had to like change the entire structure of that so it’s all, you know, based on more on relationships and different tables.

Merchant is an AI-powered platform that digitizes invoices and reduces manual data entry. It allows users to send and receive e-invoices, automatically extracts data from PDF invoices, and stores various types of documents.

The technology used in Merchaint includes TypeScript, React, Next.js, Express, MySQL, AWS, and Amazon Textract. The front end of the application was built using React, Redux for state management, and React Router for navigation. The backend API was developed using Node.js and Express.

My role was full stack engineer and I worked closely with an agile team of 11 members.

I had daily standups and sprint meetings every 2 weeks following the agile development methodology.

So that includes reporting the updates, and any blockers while developing, today's todos.

And I attended scheduled meetings and handled the tickets assigned to me and if there was something that I have difficulty for understanding, I usually had calls with team members and the manager.

I developed and deployed both the back end and front end for a corporate website using Heroku.

In detail, I

- Converted the wireframes into pixel-perfect and responsive UI on any screen.

- Wrote more than 200 test cases for every new feature to automate software testing using Jest and Cypress.

- Integrated backend APIs and 3rd party APIs.

Also, I mainly focused on maximizing applications' efficiency, data quality, and flexibility.
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