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New Grad CS | Front-end experience | Open to SWE

New Grad CS | Front-end experience | Open to SWE
Featured Skills:
react typescript vue vanilla js mongodb
Primary Info:
  • Name: private info
  • Focus: Frontend
  • Career: Junior
  • Location: Sacramento, CA, US
  • Timezone: UTC-08:00
  • Speaks: English, Filipino
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  • remote
All Skills: react typescript vue vanilla js mongodb json Java Python CSS Agile Firestore Jira Confluence Scrum Burp Suit Figma
I'm a recent Computer Science graduate from De La Salle University with front-end development experience, eager to dive into the world of software engineering.

During my internship at E-Science Corporation, I contributed to web application development using HTML, Angular, and AWS, and honed my skills in Agile methodologies.

I also have experience building a variety of web applications, such as a recipe-sharing platform using React and Firebase, and a DOTA2 drafting tool.

--- Experience ---

E-Science Corporation

Software Developer Intern

1. Contributed to the development of a web application tailored for merchandising services

-Utilized HTML and Angular to develop the UI for the app’s CRUD functions

-Integrated AWS multipart uploading functions to increase the 5MB file size limit

-Practiced the Agile workflow, which included daily standups and retrospective meetings, to ensure that the development of the application runs smoothly

2. Developed a report generation tool for data on tech support VoIP calls

- Implemented a feature that imports spreadsheets and generates the report using the Pandas library

3. Conducted application security reviews generated by OWASP ZAP prior to an app’s deployment

- Reproduced attacks with Burp Suite to assess the risk level of the vulnerabilities

Slice: private link

- Developed a recipe-sharing web application using React and Firebase Firestore

- Implemented Firebase Authentication for users to create an account and manage their own recipes

- Utilized Sass modules for styling visually appealing, and responsive components

Carpooling App Prototype: private link

- Collaborated with fellow students to design a mobile application prototype using Figma

- Conducted multiple usability tests with target users to gather feedback and apply changes over time

DOTA Drafter: private link

- Developed a web application for players of the video game DOTA2

- Integrated MantineUI for the application’s theme, and other responsive components

Implemented drafting which simulates two teams taking turns to pick/ban a character within a time limit
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