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Experienced Tech Lead & Passionate Product Innovator | Full-stack Specialist with 8+ Years | Expert

Experienced Tech Lead & Passionate Product Innovator | Full-stack Specialist with 8+ Years | Expert
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react node typescript angular vue
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  • Focus: Full Stack
  • Career: Senior, Manager
  • Location: Munich, Bavaria, DE
  • Timezone: UTC+02:00
  • Speaks: German, English, Polish
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All Skills: react node typescript angular vue Angular React TypeScript JavaScript Xamarin WPF C# .NET Management Innovation Management Data Analysis Systems Design Server Administration Software Development REST APIs Agile Methodologies Product Management Technical Leadership IT Security Best Practices Database Administration Distributed Systems Microservices Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Mentoring Cross-functional Team Leadership Project Management Technical Vision Strategic Planning Product Development Leadership DevOps Platform Development Web Development Computer Science Tech Lead User Experience Design Docker
Technical Lead

Pazz GmbH

May 2019 - Jun 2023 · 4 yrs 2 mos

▪ Orchestrated the development team's growth from zero to five, accelerating DevOps progression by partnering with freelance specialists.

▪ Directed the design of product milestones and roadmaps, directly contributing to 15K userbase growth and a 3x boost in user engagement via an oEmbed client and proxy implementation (Angular, Node, GitLab, Cordova, MSClarity, Google Analytics, Kibana).

▪ Developed a comprehensive two-sided network platform, facilitating project/vacancy management, project boards, timelines, calendars, events, resource management, and media portfolios.

▪ Conceptualized, enhanced, and maintained a distinctive movie festival page, amplifying cultural event promotion and user engagement.

▪ Pioneered the development of a cutting-edge headless XMPP client adapter (Websocket, Realtime, BOSH, Web.Crypto, Angular, TypeScript, Erlang), introducing encryption-based solutions for a distributed database system.

▪ Boosted database performance by 500% through custom join and query logic integration, considerably improving system response time (Web.Crypto, EthCrypto, Angular, LokiJS, MongoDB, Node, Ejabberd, RxJS, Ansible, Docker, GitLab, TypeScript).

▪ Successfully resolved a critical encryption mismatch issue, bolstering system security. This intervention led to a significant decrease in system vulnerabilities and eliminated a 0.1% error rate during user registration, thereby fostering user trust and improving overall system integrity.

▪ Created and launched a user-centric system with features such as posts, media portfolios, and skill management, leading to increased platform functionality and user engagement.

▪ Introduced content moderation, CMS features, and feature flags, thereby elevating the platform's quality and security as well as enhancing the DevOps process.

Senior Full Stack Developer

IP Dynamics GmbH · Full-timeIP Dynamics GmbH · Full-time

Feb 2019 - Apr 2019 · 3 mos

▪ Transformed global scoped program flows into vertical, stream-oriented architecture reducing component code by 30% (React, Protobuf, ASP.NET, Azure DevOps, C#).

▪ Optimized user interaction by introducing server-side data preprocessing, and improved component rendering cycle by a factor of ten

Full Stack Developer

BCIS IT-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG

Aug 2015 - Jan 2019 · 3 yrs 6 mos

▪ Directed the delivery of diverse client projects, notably steering a high-impact project for DLR, a vast organization of 10,000 employees, showcasing adept project management skills and the capacity to navigate large-scale operational needs.

▪ Revitalized a discontinued virtual printer product for document archiving (C#, ASP.NET, Angular, GhostScript), driving a notable 20% surge in total license sales volume.

▪ Established clear coding guidelines and a 'Definition of Done', resulting in an impressive 80% decrease in follow-up tickets, thereby enhancing development efficiency.

▪ Engineered a comprehensive redesign of a quick document archiving desktop tool, transitioning it from a monolithic to a layered architecture and paving the way for gradual implementation of the PRISM design (WPF, Xamarin, Unity, Docker, MS SQL, MS Office Extensions, COM API, Azure DevOps, TypeScript).

▪ Conducted thorough evaluations of the Universal Windows App System and Unity as development solutions for mobile devices, reinforcing the company's adaptability and preparedness for future technological advancements.

▪ Pioneered the introduction of 'Christmas Tree Testing', substantially enhancing application quality and enabling the successful porting of WPF applications into the Xamarin framework.

▪ Expedited Minimum Viable Product (MVP) delivery through effective team collaboration and provided mentorship to numerous trainees, fostering their professional growth and leading them towards successful graduation.
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