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Software Developer

Software Developer
Featured Skills:
react node typescript angular jquery
Primary Info:
  • Name: private info
  • Focus: Frontend
  • Career: Senior
  • Location: Minneapolis, MN, US
  • Timezone: UTC-06:00
  • Speaks: English
Open To Work
  • part time
  • full time
  • remote
All Skills: react node typescript angular jquery vanilla js nextjs json svelte Front-End Development Cross-Browser Compatibility Multi-Platform Development Project Management GraphQL Next.js SCSS Sitecore TypeScript Handlebars HTML JavaScript SXA CraftCMS MaterialUI React Redux AngularJS WCAG AA Conformance Angular (upgrading from version 5 to 7) Bug Tracking and Prioritization (Kanban) WordPress Development PHP Vue.js Sveltekit TailwindCSS Swiper Cloudflare Pages
GEHA (Full-Time)

Front-End Developer

July 2022 - Present

Leading a small team of developers to manage website development projects, ensuring impeccable cross-browser and multi-platform compatibility. Collaborating closely with programmers and clients, I oversee the end-to-end development process to meet project goals. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as GraphQL, Next.js, SCSS, Sitecore, and TypeScript.

Additionally, I spearhead initiatives to address and rectify 508 accessibility errors, ensuring our websites meet the highest standards of accessibility. This involves guiding the team through the identification and resolution of accessibility issues, emphasizing the importance of inclusive design and usability for all users. This dual focus on cutting-edge development and accessibility excellence reflects my commitment to delivering high-quality, accessible digital experiences.

Horizontal Digital (Full-Time)

Front-End Developer

February 2021 - July 2022

Managed website development projects, ensuring cross-browser and multi-platform compatibility. Collaborated with programmers and clients to meet project goals. Utilized technologies like GraphQL, Next.js, SCSS, Sitecore, and TypeScript.

Celarity (Freelance)

Front-End Developer

April 2020 - December 2020

Translated UX wireframes into responsive features using TWIG. Streamlined entry pages in CraftCMS and contributed to migrating legacy components.

Mayo Clinic (Contract)


November 2020 - February 2021

Developed a wizard-style form with MaterialUI, React, and Redux. Collaborated with stakeholders to identify and address pain points in the existing form.

Wellbeats, Inc. (Contract)

UI Engineer

May 2020 - October 2020

Improved accessibility by bringing the business site up to WCAG AA conformance. Simplified page layouts with AngularJS and provided education on website accessibility.

Anthem, Inc. (Contract)

Front-End Developer

July 2019 - April 2020

Maintained an internal HR website, upgrading from Angular 5 to Angular 7. Managed bug tickets using a Kanban board.

Gradient Financial Group (Full-Time)

Web Designer

June 2017 - July 2019

Worked directly with clients to build WordPress websites, created a stock ticker with PHP, developed new themes using CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP. Built single-page applications with Vue.js.


Successfully managed end-to-end website development projects, optimizing compatibility and functionality.

Streamlined user experiences by translating design wireframes into responsive features.

Upgraded websites to meet WCAG AA conformance, emphasizing accessibility and educating team members.

Collaborated with stakeholders to address pain points in forms and provided solutions.

Taught developers how to identify and address website accessibility issues.

Contributed to migrating legacy components, ensuring smooth transitions.

Implemented upgrades and optimizations using a variety of technologies, from Angular to Vue.js.
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