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Full Stack Developer| Technical Team Lead | Senior Full Stack Engineer

Full Stack Developer| Technical Team Lead | Senior Full Stack Engineer
Featured Skills:
react node typescript angular vue
Primary Info:
  • Name: private info
  • Focus: Frontend, Backend, Full Stack, Mobile, Other
  • Career: Senior
  • Location: Verona, WI, US
  • Timezone: UTC-06:00
  • Speaks: English, Hindi
Actively Looking
  • >= 6 mo contract
  • full time
  • near me
  • remote
All Skills: react node typescript angular vue jquery vanilla js nextjs mongodb json express d3 React jQuery Angular Redux XML JavaScript CSS JSON Bootstrap HTML Vue.js Angular Js Laravel PHP NodeJS ExpressJS Drupal WordPress Java Python ASP REST Flask C C++ JavaFX J2EE JSP Servlets Microsoft Entra ID Container Instances Application gateway Load Balancer WAF EC2 ECR ECS Log Analytics Cosmo DB Logic Apps Event Hub Function Apps Application Insights Key Vault S3 RDS IAM Roles cloud formation VPC Route53 Docker Kubernetes Kafka Cosmo DB PostgreSQL MySQL MongoDB Oracle DynamoDB RDS.

-Over 8 years of IT Professional experience in all phases of software development life cycle to requirements gathering, analysis, design, development and maintenance.

-Responsible for technical and functional design of the application in Azure or AWS.

Strong experience on Frontend frameworks like Angular, VueJs, and ReactJs.

-Expertise in backend technologies like NodeJs, Django, Python and PHP.

-Experience in building POC or QA environments with Active Directory, Certificate Authority PKI, Cisco VPN, SCCM, Containers, Red Hat Kubernetes and Identity servers.

-Created CI/CD pipeline to build, test and release the product using semantic versioning.

-Implemented SDKs using Javascript, React Native, Flutter Flow and Android Java.

-Experience in completing due diligence for acquisition by a multinational company.

-Enforced WhiteSource scan tool to detect security compliance issues as part of Gitlab CI/CD.

-Good understanding of database technologies like MYSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB and RDS

Work experience

Lead Engineer

TRUU.AI - Madison, WI

May 2022 to December 2023

- Led the customer integration and development team to deliver POCs and QA environments.

- Implemented ETL using Apache airflow (dags/ helm chart/ Kubernetes/PostgreSQL) in Red Hat openshift.

- Developed AWS API Gateway, lambda, RDS and ECS Cluster deployment.

- Worked on Bitbucket CI/CD pipeline to build, test and release windows MSM and MSI in Azure.

- Developed 2 javascript games to track user mouse/keyboard events and deployed to Heroku platform.

- Setup of Active Directory, Microsoft PKI for Certificate Management, Adapter using windows server 2016.

- Implemented Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager(SCCM) to deploy or update softwares.

- Designed and developed user portal using NodeJS, MongoDB and VueJS.

- Deployed Cisco Adaptive Security Virtual Appliance (ASAv) in AWS.

- Built Amazon MSK Serverless to run Apache Kafka to process streaming data.

- Integrated third party services like Amazon Rekognition and WebAuthn to prove user identity using fingerprint/face ID/live selfie

Engineering Lead


January 2019 to May 2022

- Managed development team by assigning Jira tickets and mentoring on technical issues, problem solving strategies.

- Built a highly available, fault-tolerant customer portal based on Angular 7, NodeJS, Python and PowerShell Scripting.

- Implemented internal admin dashboard to manage POC and test tenant environment using Angular and Django framework.

- Closely worked on the company acquisition of StratusWorx by Ericsson and was responsible for migrating the environment.

- Responsible for producing approaches on solution implementation and sign off on the code quality.

- Architecting solutions that integrate with various enterprise technologies, such as: Active Directory, Windows Server, Ubuntu Server.

- Implemented scheduled jobs to extract reports into graphical visualization.

- Built cron job to archive docker images and python packages.

- Containerized client portal using Azure Container Apps.

- Developed REST APIs using Flask framework.

oftware Developer Intern

AEROPAY - Chicago, IL

August 2018 to December 2018

- Implemented customer and internal portal using ReactJs, Vue.js, Node.js and Bulma framework.

- Designed and implemented client SDKs using React Native, Javascript and Android kotlin.

- Used AWS Code Commit for source control.

- Worked on the layout and user interface using JavaScript, standard HTML 5 and CSS practices.

- Web Developer

Illinois Institute of Technology - Chicago, IL

June 2018 to December 2018

- Developed websites using Drupal 8, PHP, HTML and CSS.

- Used VBScript for development of windows applications.

- Used Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign for creation of videos, images, and posters.

- Used Constant Contact, Google Forms and Mail Chimp for social media marketing.


Capgemini - Mumbai, Maharashtra

December 2015 to August 2017

- Experience working as a Project Quality Lead.

- Management of Data Warehouse using ETL Pentaho Data Integration.

- Used Tableau for data reporting and visualization.

- Used R Software for analytics of data.

- Developed front-end content using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Ajax, AngularJS, and client-side validations using JavaScript.

- Generated dynamic Web pages with Java Server Pages.

- Tandem Jobs creation/scheduling jobs by utilizing Tandem Net batch feature.

- Code Analysis using Inspect / Debug of Source Codes.

- Write code for numerous TACL routines and macros
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