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Senior Full Stack Developer

Senior Full Stack Developer
Featured Skills:
react node typescript jquery vanilla js
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  • Name: private info
  • Focus: Frontend, Backend, Full Stack
  • Career: Senior, Manager
  • Location: Lawrence, KS, US
  • Timezone: UTC-06:00
  • Speaks: English
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All Skills: react node typescript jquery vanilla js json express Javascript Ruby Python Go OOP DRY React Node Typescript jQuery express nestjs postgres REST graphql sql css sass tailwind responsive design project management jira git leadership microservices redis

Senior Full-Stack Developer (Contractor)

* Helped implement custom Auth0 implementation (Ruby on Rails)

* Consulted on best practices for software development cycle and its implementation

* Consulted on JavaScript frameworks, Ruby on Rails best practice, PDFtron adoption, and CSS refactor (React, Vue, Ruby on Rails, Sass).

* Helped deliver critical features on a tight release basis in a Ruby on Rails application.

* Worked on integrating third party APIs (Statebook) into the main application.

* Implemented customized Google Static Maps for PDF.

Rapid Panda

Freelance Web Developer/Consultant

* Consulted with clients to provide responsive, standards-driven websites and web applications

* Built sites with JAM Stack, Ruby on Rails, Python/Flask, React and NodeJS backends utilizing Postgres

* Built a Google Cloud Hosted, grpc microservices, Kubernetes cluster using Go.


Senior Full-Stack Developer (Contractor)

* Worked as a full-stack developer and helped in product development (Sinatra, Ruby, Typescript, React, Postgres, Graphql)

* Worked on API's, microservices and Front End applications for product dashboard and data ingestion. (Ruby, Golang, React, Graphql)

* Won a team award for a proof of concept converting a Sinatra app to Ruby on Rails during hackweek. (Ruby, Sinatra, Rails)

* Developed data features around Salesforce integration and Google Cloud BigQuery


Senior Lead Developer (Contractor)

* Worked as a full-stack developer and helped in product development (NodeJS, NestJS, Typescript, React)

* Helped create new features for 2.0 version of core product

* Migrated key legacy services to a monorepo

* Consulted on UX development on 2.0 version of core product


Senior Lead Developer

* Worked as project manager and solution architect for a full-stack project (Rails, Ruby, React, Postgres)

* Architected front end solutions and mentored team members on a rewrite of core business software (React, Redux)

* Built out testing, i18n, and a11y framework standards

* Worked with stakeholders to create new UX designs

* Created a new testing platform and QA process (NodeJS)

* Created internal admin dashboard for administering projects (NodeJS)


React Architect (Contractor)

* Architected front-end solutions (React, Redux) for a stand-alone application utilizing custom Java API's and microservices.

* Mentored and taught staff on react and redux

* Helped refactor legacy react codebase including core functionality and application workflow.

* Implemented new features including in-office payments, multi-tenant landing page, external integrations with client systems, and business profiles.

Intouch Solutions

Senior Front-end Developer (Contractor)

* Architected front-end solutions (jQuery, React, Redux, Angular, etc.) for client product pages and advertising campaigns.

Educational Testing Service

Senior Developer (Contractor)

* Lead architect of new react application (React, Redux, Webpack) for multi-tenant, digital, standardized testing platform

Rx Savings Solutions

Senior Lead Software Engineer

* Lead architect of new multi-tenant, react application, including web and mobile (React, Mobx, Webpack, React Native) that supported core business functions

* Educated and mentored team on React


Team Lead Web Developer (Contractor)

* Maintained and created marketing websites

* Introduced and successfully implemented React, Redux, and Webpack to group workflow

* Team lead on the sales section of the Sprint website redesign (Angular2 , jQuery, Adobe Experience Manager)


Web Developer/Design Lead (Contractor)

* Designed and created a website for the company (ReactJS)

* Produced the back end API's and admin panel (Python, Flask, Postgres)
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