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Software Development Intern

Software Development Intern
Featured Skills:
react node typescript vue jquery
Primary Info:
  • Name: private info
  • Focus: Frontend, Backend, Full Stack
  • Career: Junior
  • Location: Seattle, Washington, US
  • Timezone: UTC-08:00
  • Speaks: English
Actively Looking
  • part time
  • near me
All Skills: react node typescript vue jquery nextjs mongodb json express d3 svelte Programming Languages: Python Java TypeScript JavaScript HTML/CSS SQL NoSQL R Web Development: React Vue.js Node.js Express.js Flask(Python) Svelte Next.js Bootstrap Tailwind CSS Database Technologies: MongoDB PostgreSQL MySQL Cloud Technologies: Google Cloud Azure AWS DevOps: Git CI/CD Principles
MusicMatch: A Spotify API-based website for analyzing user listening habits. Utilized Express.js and Vue.js for backend and frontend development, respectively. Employed PostgreSQL for data management and OpenAI API for personalized music personality introductions.

WebsiteHub: Developed a platform for sharing links, combining HTML/CSS and JavaScript for the frontend with Express.js and MongoDB for backend operations. Ensured reliability through Jest testing and deployed on Azure for broad accessibility.

Experience at UWise: As a Software Development Engineer Intern, I designed and integrated 6+ web pages using Figma, React, Material UI, and Bootstrap for the UWise website. Developed a Node.js and Express.js backend with MongoDB, enhancing multimedia capabilities with Google Cloud Storage.
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