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Frontend Developer

Frontend Developer
Featured Skills:
react typescript vue nextjs
Primary Info:
  • Name: private info
  • Focus: Frontend
  • Career: Mid Level
  • Location: Porto, PT
  • Timezone: UTC+00:00
  • Speaks: Portuguese, English, Spanish
Actively Looking
  • part time
  • < 6 mo contract
  • >= 6 mo contract
  • full time
  • remote
All Skills: react typescript vue nextjs jira github gitlab material ui tailwind gitflow html5 css scss antd webpack bootstrap scrum kanban agile
I’m a Frontend Developer with 4+ years of experience. My main focus is to help the development of web platforms capable to improve and change the user's daily basis. Knowing that what I'm doing is crucial for others, makes me feel more motivated, that's my passion.

I started my professional experience with a professional internship at Wiremaze where my responsibility was to create websites for municipal councils and later give training to the client on how to insert content or maintain the website itself. Here I only used technologies like HTML and CSS and as my desire was to expand my knowledge and start approaching js and react, I ended up finding a new and better opportunity a year later.

That was Bright technologies, a company included in a group of more than 30 companies where it was the only one capable of building the whole branding and website for a product. So the responsibility was to make turnkey sites for the remaining companies in the group, which were usually always final products. This was my first interaction with react and javascript. It was a good challenge, which forced me to quickly learn the whole stack in order to meet the company's needs.

A year later begins a challenge of almost 2 years in an insuretech startup called Mudey. I continued here to deepen my knowledge in reactjs and other tools such as Material Design, ANTD, etc, but I was the only Frontend of the company, so I was responsible from the design decision (often made by me) to the final implementation of the features on the different 3 platforms (2 for clients and 1 internal).

Then comes the invitation to join a former co-worker at Smartconsulting and go directly to a project at Fette Compacting, a German company responsible for the production of pills capsule machines. The opportunity was excellent because it was also a tech stack switch for me, where I started to explore VUEjs, although in version 2.0, and I also took the first steps in e2e tests with cypress. Here the responsibility was to develop a platform for consulting the components of the pill machines so that the operator could search everything and know how to troubleshoot any problem that the machine might have. I was also the only Frontend of the team.

At this stage, as I am very curious about the world of web3, I started trying to find part-time positions in freelancing, so that I could expand my knowledge a little more and start interacting with smart contracts. I managed to join a DAO project where I was the frontend responsible, for a few months, for the development of some landing pages and pre-sales dapps using reactjs, ANTD, and tailwind. As it was a temporary position, I quickly ran out of work to assimilate and left the project.

The eargerness for the web3 stayed and in August I found a full time opportunity with Edge, a web3 platform with the aim of automating marketing for influencers with rewards paid in cryptocurrencies or in dollars. Content creators also had access to an NFT that gave them a higher percentage of the reward for each “mission” they completed. Unfortunately, this company have some heavy issues internally and there is no guarantees of talent retention, so I decided to play it safe and start looking for a new opportunity. Here at edge, the tech focus is nextjs and tailwind.

My current focus, in addition to obviously finding a new and challenging opportunity, is to expand my knowledge of web3 and, if possible, gradually start my baby steps into the backend world through nodejs. Obviously, there are points in the frontend that I feel I should improve but I see myself in 2-3 years as a full stack developer with a greater focus on frontent yet capable of assimilating backend challenges autonomously
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