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Front end React developer

Front end React developer
Featured Skills:
react typescript vanilla js nextjs json
Primary Info:
  • Name: private info
  • Focus: Frontend
  • Career: Mid Level
  • Location: Barcelona, Barcelona, ES
  • Timezone: UTC+01:00
  • Speaks: English, Spanish, Polish
Open To Work
  • part time
  • < 6 mo contract
  • >= 6 mo contract
  • full time
  • remote
All Skills: react typescript vanilla js nextjs json Javascript Typescript Java Python React Next.js Redux jira git Spring Boot Tailwind MUI Ant design RXjs sass React Query Apollo GraphQL
I have been working as a React dev for more then 2 years. I started working for a softwarehouse in Wrocław Poland as a React Dev for a 1.5 years. We did many projects using most tools and libraries used today.

Then I started working for Arvato Bartlessman in Barcelona also as a React Dev and doing some occasional work in Spring boot with Java.

While in Stellarity the teams were quite large, in Arvato I got hired to do all the front end myself since the beginning of the project and I’m also supporting our backend developer with some tasks.

Before working as a front end developer I worked for a year as an automation tester writing tests in Cypress and Selenium with python. While I enjoyed writing tests I wanted to get my hands dirty with something more difficult like front end.

Some time ago I made a website for my friends air conditioning company using NextJs. private link - in the bottom of the footer is a link to contact me.
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