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Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer
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react node typescript vue jquery
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  • Name: private info
  • Focus: Full Stack
  • Career: Mid Level, Senior
  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona, US
  • Timezone: UTC-07:00
  • Speaks: English
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All Skills: react node typescript vue jquery nextjs mongodb json express Typescript Javascript Nodejs Express React Redux Redux Saga Nextjs Vue Python Flask Postgresql Mysql Mongodb C# Go Solidity Jest Mocha Chai Cypress gRPC Docker Kubernetes Jenkins AWS OOP functional programming microservices nginx jira git
Full Stack Developer based in Phoenix, Arizona with experience in React.js, Node.js, Flask, PostgreSQL, and other technologies.

I have contributed to large-scale projects, including a financial auditing tool that identified over $300M in unspent funds for the US Department of Defense, and I have mentored junior and new engineers.

My skills include developing and deploying batch processing ETL scripts, integrating backend log monitoring, and improving workflow for trading desks.


Full Stack Engineer - Genesis Global Trading (Apr 2022 - Jan 2023)

● Increased efficiencies in trade execution and risk management integrating Talos into

Vue.js/Vuex/Typescript/Flask/PostgreSQL prime broker platform

● Improved KYC compliance by helping to consolidating counterparty trading, lending, and custody


● Improved KYC compliance and counterparty onboarding efficiency by integrating E&Y online tax

form workflow with prime broker platform

● Improved backend log monitoring by integrating Flask/Gunicorn API server with Datadog

● Improved workflow for trading desk by adding features to trade settlement and batching UI

● Mentored and onboarded junior and new engineers

Full Stack Engineer - Booz Allen Hamilton (Nov 2018 - Mar 2022)

● Developed a financial auditing tool using React.js/Node.js/Postgres that grew from around 500 to

over 6000 users across the US Department of Defense, resulting in the identification of over $300M in

unspent funds

● Maintained the application in an independent capacity and worked with stakeholders and testers on

new features, updates, and deployments

● Collaborated with developers across over 8 other teams sharing common web application

architecture to manage large architectural changes

● Mentored and onboarded junior and new engineers

Software Engineer - Verizon Wireless (2017 - 2018)

● Deployed and maintained a Python/Flask business intelligence and analytics web application using

Apache Superset where users could explore and visualize resource usage, resource requests, and

outage event data integrated from multiple teams within the cloud platform business unit

● Developed and tested multiple features and components for an internal React.js/Node.js web

application used by multiple teams in the cloud platform business unit

● Developed and deployed batch processing Python/Pandas/ SQLAlchemy ETL scripts that ran

multiple times daily, populating a business intelligence data warehouse for near-real time analytics

● Deployed and maintained an PHP/Angular.js/MySQL web analytics microservice which collects and

visualizes user traffic and interaction data using Matomo

● Wrote command-line interface programs for monitoring and reporting the health status of clustered

data storage devices laid-balanced using HAProxy

Web Developer - Freelance (2015 - 2017)

● Developed MEAN stack web application featuring dashboards for managing human resources,

payroll, and assets for a private taxi startup

● Developed MEAN stack hybrid mobile application for exploring and booking local nightlife events

using the Ionic framework
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