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Full-Stack Web/Software Developer

Full-Stack Web/Software Developer
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react node typescript angular vue
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  • Location: Greenville, SC, US
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All Skills: react node typescript angular vue jquery json express Languages: JavaScript Java C# SQL HTML/CSS Python Libraries: React Node.js Express.js Bootstrap JQuery MaterialUI Misc skills: GitHub problem-solving communication
The project I usually show off is a bus dispatcher web app I made for a company called Passio Technologies. Besides my superior's design ideas and guidance, it was a solo project. Here's a link to a presentation of the finished product: private link . A couple challenges I overcame for this project were:

-Accurately dragging and dropping trips (left) into runs (right) and having all necessary data updated

-After opening a trip, there is a map image generated by Mapbox. When clicked, it becomes an interactable map still with the map pins. To get the correct zoom and position so that the pins would always be a certain distance from the edge of the map view, I designed a math-filled algorithm that took into account the curvature of the Earth. I wish I could show it off, but I don't have access to my previous employer's codebase.
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