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Principal Engineer

Principal Engineer
Featured Skills:
node typescript angular mongodb json
Primary Info:
  • Name: private info
  • Focus: Frontend
  • Career: Senior, Manager
  • Location: Oshkosh, Wisconsin, US
  • Timezone: UTC-05:00
  • Speaks: English
Open To Work
  • < 6 mo contract
  • remote
All Skills: node typescript angular mongodb json Angular 1/2+ Ant Bash Batch Bootstrap 2/3/4 C#/MVC CoffeeScript Colyseus Cordova CSS/LESS/SCSS d3 Deepstream Dream Maker Electron Express FeathersJS Firebase GraphQL HTML/Pug Hugo Ionic 1/2/3/4/5 Java JavaScript Jekyll jQuery knockout Material Node PhantomJS Phaser PHP Python Redux (NGXS) Socketcluster SQL TypeScript Vue Git Google Chrome IntelliJ MongoDB npm PostgreSQL Terminal vim Visual Studio VSCode GitHub Actions Gitlab CI Grunt Gulp npm Travis CI Webpack AVA Chai Jasmine Jest Karma Mocha
Seasoned principle engineer specializing in frontend development. I have a wealth of experience as a senior developer and manager. My skills include node, typescript, angular, mongodb, and more.

I have maintained a successful open source library with thousands of users and weekly downloads. I have also created various projects such as an Idle RPG, a full-stack mobile GPS-based RPG, an online bracket generation tool, and more. As an architect and principal developer at Riveted Games, I led teams to create successful blockchain and browser-based games while managing multiple projects.

In my contract work for Magpie Games and PwC, I created a PWA to digitize a tabletop RPG, and implemented interfaces according to design specifications.

--- Recent Experience ---


Open Source Development/Freelancing Ongoing
Home Office / private link Oshkosh, WI

• Maintain successful open source library with 3k+ stars, 27k+ users, and 100k+ weekly downloads
• Designed a fansite for a MMORPG, cataloging their information in an easy-to-digest fashion
• Experimented with making a custom, realtime game engine based on Deepstream
• Contributed documentation to Auth0 (topics: Angular2, Ionic)
• Created & designed an Idle RPG with 150-200 regular players (peak) and managed 30+ contributors
• Created & designed a full-stack mobile GPS-based RPG
• Created & designed an online bracket generation tool that gained popularity in several niches
• Created & designed a tool and DSL to help people create board/card games
• Created & designed a MORPG from scratch
• Created & designed PWAs for multiple board games to help better navigate their rules


Architect / Principal Developer Mar 2021-Current
Riveted Games Remote

• Spearheaded design of blockchain gacha game; raised approx 1.5mil USD
• Initial game launch attracted approx. 1k people, which grew to over 1.28million over 2 months
• Lead team of 2 developers and a designer to make a content-driven application
• Designed a persistent browser-based game that raised approx. 20million USD
• Lead team of 3 developers and a designer to make a persistent browser-based game
• Lead team of 10+ fulltime developers working on various other applications
• Administrate Google Domains DNS for 6 projects and 40+ internal users
• Manage MongoDB Atlas instances for 3 projects
• Manage CI/CD pipelines/processes for app delivery using GitHub Actions, Netlify & Heroku
• Manage Netlify for 30+ projects of varying sizes and requirements
• Hire & manage team of developers, designers, writers, and artists for an ambitious strategy game


Contract Angular/Ionic Developer Dec 2020-Mar 2021
Magpie Games Remote

• Create a PWA to digitize a tabletop RPG
• Rally users and do market-fit testing for app
• Design & develop all interfaces based on a digital re-imagining of the tabletop system


Contract Angular Developer Oct 2020-Feb 2021
PwC (client: Wells Fargo) Remote

• Implement many interfaces according to design specifications
• Mentor teammates on Angular best practices
• Work to digitize many processes to improve productivity of those users


For my full resume see private link
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