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Full Stack Engineer

Full Stack Engineer
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react node typescript angular vue
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  • Focus: Full Stack
  • Career: Mid Level
  • Location: Longmont, Colorado, US
  • Timezone: UTC-07:00
  • Speaks: English
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All Skills: react node typescript angular vue nextjs express d3 Javascript (ES6) Java PHP HTML CSS React.js Vue.js Node.js Next.js Jest Angular PostgreSQL MSSQL ElasticSearch AWS MySQL Webpack Jenkins Github Actions Git
I am a seasoned Full-stack Software Engineer with over six years of experience, specializing in TypeScript, React.js, and various other technologies. Currently serving as a Software Engineer III at LogRhythm in a remote capacity, I have been instrumental in delivering high-quality code for a leading Gartner Magic Quadrant SIEM product, catering to a global customer base of over 4000. My contributions include the development of key features in the cloud SIEM, such as the Timeline Widget, Node Link Graph, Histogram, Bar Chart Widget, and Case Filtering. I significantly increased test coverage in the micro front-end, reaching 70%, and expanded the component library with reusable components, enhancing interactive documentation through Docz and Storybook. Recognized for my prowess, I secured two hackathon cash prizes for the most-shippable project.

In my previous role as a Software Engineer at SurveyGizmo (now Alchemer), I successfully delivered over 431 issues in an Agile, SaaS environment. I transitioned legacy front-end components from vanilla JavaScript to Vue.js and developed key features like Microsoft Dynamics Integration, Permanent Survey Delete, and SMS campaigns using third-party APIs like Twilio. At Whinny, I played a crucial role in designing and developing a hybrid iOS/Android social media chat application, integrating Twilio API for SMS functionalities. During my tenure at the Oklahoma City Thunder, I contributed to the development and delivery of an interactive analytics platform for displaying live NBA game stats for coaches and scouts, utilizing test-driven development to ensure the accuracy of complex statistical calculations.
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