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Software Developer (React, JS, TS, Node)

Software Developer (React, JS, TS, Node)
Featured Skills:
react node typescript vanilla js nextjs
Primary Info:
  • Name: private info
  • Focus: Full Stack, Mobile
  • Career: Mid Level
  • Location: SAN DIEGO, CA, US
  • Timezone: UTC-07:00
  • Speaks: English, Serbian, Italian
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All Skills: react node typescript vanilla js nextjs mongodb express Languages: JavaScript Typescript SQL Concepts: Full Stack Development OOP Functional Programming MVC CRUD Operations UI/UX Design Frameworks/Libraries: React Next.js Node.js Misc Skills: Git Agile Methodologies Webhooks Real-time Data Sync Inventory Management Freelancing
👨‍💻 Freelancer at Soft Solutions

📦 Created an inventory tracking app with real-time POS integration.

🛠️ Tech Stack: React Native, WebSockets, SQL.

🚀 Challenge: Syncing POS data in real-time with the app's database.

🌐 Full-Stack Web Projects

🛒 E-commerce platforms for small businesses.

📝 Blogging platforms with user authentication.

🛠️ Tech Stack: React, Next.js, Node, SQL.

🚀 Challenge: Optimizing UI/UX to increase client engagement.

👨‍👩‍👦 Team Environments & Solo Work

🤝 Collaborated in team settings, working on various parts of larger applications.

🧑‍🚀 Frequently took on solo projects, managing all aspects from idea to deployment.

🛠️ Tech Stack: JavaScript, Typescript, React, Node, SQL.

🚀 Challenge: Navigating fast-paced, results-driven environments to deliver high-quality solutions.

💡 Concepts & Learning

📚 Passionate about understanding the 'why' behind code.

🤓 Love diving deep into topics like state management in React and closures in JavaScript.

🛠️ Miscellaneous Skills

🌳 Git for version control.

🏃 Agile methodologies.

💬 Familiar with Webhooks and real-time data synchronization.
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