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Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer
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react node typescript angular vanilla js
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  • Name: private info
  • Focus: Frontend, Backend, Full Stack
  • Career: Senior, Manager
  • Location: Arvada, Colorado, US
  • Timezone: UTC-06:00
  • Speaks: English
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All Skills: react node typescript angular vanilla js AngularJS Ionic React.js .NET JavaScript Java Software Development Big Data Agile Database Design Web Services Web Applications Web Development Programming ASP.NET PostgreSQL Apache Tomcat Servlets Ubuntu Ruby jQuery VB.NET
Hi everyone - I am looking for a new role and would appreciate your support. Thank you in advance for any connections, advice, or opportunities you can offer.

Software Engineer developing both proprietary and open-source solutions with experience working on government software applications. My expertise is in architecting and developing big data geospatial web applications.



- Specialization in engineering software and technical solutions to meet client's needs

Mentoring entry-level developers

- Senior Software engineer on a complex system integrating hardware, SQL databases, web API, frontend, and mobile development.

- Tech lead for a team of four front developers, influenced front-end software throughout Trimble.

- Designed and developed IHS Markit Energy’s flagship browser using SOLID design patterns

- Developed first IHS Geospatial analytic solution

- Developed high-performing, dynamic Big Data REST API for web-based IHS product

- Designed backend using ElasticSearch and MS Web API

- ElasticSearch setup and configuration

- Desktop application development for internal tools

- Python Elastic Search ETL Loaders

- Team Lead on a Bureau of Indian Affairs web application

- Created/Coded client-side unit testing guidelines for automated testing

- Developed JavaScript algorithms and tree data structures for dynamic UI controls

- API, Angular Unit Tests, and Load Tests for API endpoints

- Designed/implemented authentication, authorization, and geospatial geometry security for the IHS application

- Engineer clean UI/UX solutions to complicated workflow patterns and complex data search/presentation

- R & D, experimental work with new libraries and methodologies

- Discover logical, efficient, and novel solutions to support business requirements

- Agile Development /Scrum

- Collaborate with development teams for both architecture design and code reviews

- Collaborated on ESRI Leaflet Plugin ( private link

- Developed innovative Open Source Web GIS solutions for National Geospatial Intelligence

Agency (NGA)

- Fast-paced, lab-like, agile environment supporting client requests

- UX / UI development and design using JavaScript, CSS, and frameworks such as bootstrap.js

- Backend development in Java, Python, Postgres, PHP, OpenGIS and Ruby, and GDAL

- Rapid prototyping

- Worked on a team supporting the NGA and the Department of Defense's new

mobile applications program

- Linux development environment setups

- GIS Systems and software architecture design using ESRI and Microsoft technology


- Multi-tier web and desktop GIS software development

- Conceptual design, coding, and project implementation

- Implement agile-like software development methodologies

- Manage a small development team and coordinated phases of project development

- Implement software coding standards, test, and QA/QC applications

- Work closely with graphic designers to create interactive map user experiences

- Worked on a Model-View-Controller web map application.

- Code web-based GIS and non-GIS applications

- Design databases

- Geospatial Scripting
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